Wildflower Hemp Co: A Hemp Vendor Review

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Oregon is one of the best places to get hemp products because of the great support farmers get from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Let’s see how Wildflower Hemp Co took advantage of the opportunity with their products and business practice.

What is Wildflower Hemp Co?

The company is a small, licensed, family-owned farm located in Central Oregon. It all began when Gary moved here from Las Vegas in 1998. Here is where he got introduced to the world of cannabis and gained knowledge on how to grow it while respecting the land. His interest soon bloomed, and he’s grown hundreds of different strains.

Through Wildflower Hemp Co, they utilize organic practices and sustainable farming techniques. This way, the company can provide you with the best products that are safe for you without compromising the environment.

What can I get from the hemp store?

Wildflower Hemp Co offers several hemp flowers such as:

  • Sour Space Candy
  • Bubba Kush
  • The White
  • Lifter

You can get some sampler packs, smalls, and trims as well if you prefer to have a taste or save up until your next paycheck. If you prefer to smoke immediately, you can get hemp pre-rolls in the following strains:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Elektra
  • Colorado
  • Lifter

There are also gummies that come with mixed fruit and sour watermelon flavors. If you prefer hemp concentrate, Wildflower Hemp Co offers CBGa kief, CBGa crumble, as well as sap concentrate in cartridge and syringe.

There’s also a hemp tincture made with full spectrum CBD distillate and organic MCT oil. The tincture products come in 1000mg and 2000mg strength, with 30 servings in each bottle. The bottle comes with a dropper that has 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and 1mL markers to make the application easy and measurable.

How much are the products?

For hemp nugs, Wildflower Hemp Co offers them for $20.00-$599.00, and the hemp pre-rolls are tagged for $3.99 per roll. The hemp samplers cost $69.99, trims $24.99-$29.99, and the smalls $14.99-$45.00.

The gummies go for $15.99-$19.99, while the concentrates are for $9.99-$39.99, and tinctures will cost you $34.99

How can I pay for my Wildflower Hemp Co order?

They accept payments through VISA and Mastercard. You can also fulfill your order through bitcoin as well as Square.

What is the shipping policy?

You can get free shipping for orders over $100. Wildflower Hemp Co ships your products through USPS priority with a flat rate of 2-3 day shipping billed to the customer. They only ship products within the US and don’t offer international shipping as of now.

Does Wildflower Hemp Co process returns?

The company accepts returns within 30 days upon delivery, provided that the products are new, unused, and unopened. However, you’ll be the one to shoulder the return shipping costs. Should the products you receive are incorrect or defective, you’ll get a full refund, including the shipping cost.

Wildflower Hemp Co accepts exchanges at no additional cost to you should your products arrive incorrect, damaged, or defective.

Should you buy from Wild Flower Hemp Co?

The company just recently got a Trustpilot profile with 89 reviews to date. So far, customer satisfaction is high, and they have a 4.8 rating.

The hemp flowers come in good bud sizes and are of top-shelf quality. The smells are good, and the flavors true to the strain. You’ll appreciate how tight and dense the buds are, with a stickiness that will tell you that you’ve got a perfectly-cured flower.

The concentrates have greater consistency as well, with a smooth and clean taste. The effects are mellow, with the effects setting in almost immediately. As for the tincture, the reviews are split.

One thing is sure, though: the service is great, and the shipping is fast considering the present conditions. Overall, Wildflower Hemp Co did a good job in creating their products, and you can depend on them for your hemp needs.

The small options for hemp flower are the company’s limitation, though. Given the fact that the owner is knowledgeable in cultivating a variety of strains, you would have expected them to carry more.

Should you wish to try out different strains beyond what’s popular, have a look at our collection. We’ve got different hemp flowers such as Green Gas, Banana Kush, and Mendocino Purps. These flowers are lovingly grown in the rich soils of Colorado and sourced from licensed, reliable growers.

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