Where Can I Buy Industrial Hemp?

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The hemp industry woke up when the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the selling, production, and manufacturing of hemp. The change in the policy spurred the removal of hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and then became an agricultural product. The boost in sales was remarkable, and many buyers are keen to find where to buy industrial hemp. Here are some of the places where you can get hemp products online.

Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms is a fully licensed and certified hemp farming company in Colorado. They’re one of the largest raw hemp flower distributors in the US. They are mostly B2B and offer hemp on a wholesale basis.  The company undergoes strict quality control to preserve the excellent genetics of their strains.

CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Saves launched CBD Hemp Direct as a way to help consumers gain access to CBD hemp products from farm to shelf. Based in Nevada, CBD Hemp Direct ensures that they observe meticulous sustainable practice in growing hemp products. Everything undergoes strict quality testing to ensure hemp plants have less than 0.3% THC content.

Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms is located in Northwest Oregon. As a family-owned premium hemp farm, Tweedle provides the highest quality hemp to both manufacturers and consumers. They make sure that each industrial hemp has high CBD while keeping TCH within the legal range.

Merry Hill Hemp

For those looking for industrial hemp in North Carolina, this is a place to go to. Merry Hill Hemp obtained their licenses to grow industrial hemp after the 2018 Farm Bill. Using organic methods, the farm grows three different strains of hemp flower. If ever you’re in North Carolina and wish to harvest hemp grown in farms, you can drop by and have that unique experience.

Blue Forest Farms

Situated in Colorado, Blue Forest Farms is a collection of farmers, botanists, and philanthropists who desire to provide positive change. All natural industrial hemp varieties undergo high testing, ensuring that you have high CBD content.

They provide industrial hemp seeds as well as consulting. They provide you with a knowledge base from farmers of more than 30+ years of experience.

Lazy Gators Hemp Farm

Yet another grower  in North Carolina, Lazy Gators Hemp Farm is a family-owned and run establishment. They can provide seed material for cultivation and research, or wholesale quantities of industrial hemp flower. You can also get retail products for your personal use.

Looking where to buy industrial hemp?

Buying products containing CBD and low THC is no longer difficult. Thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill, There are many businesses that can offer commercially grown industrial hemp. To make sure that your purchase is legal in the state, double-check if the materials are tested for low THC. Also, different states have different plant strains grown in special ways. Also, always ask for analysis and certification. Even though industrial hemp is now legal across 50 states, you still need to check for license and certification.

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