Vaping CBD Flower Do’s and Dont’s

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Fans of vaping CBD flower have fun enjoying the full flavor and effects of their CBD. It’s a cleaner experience because you’re not burning botanical material. If you’re new to vaping, knowing how to operate the vaporizer is just part of the equation. Here are the dos and don’ts in vaping that can help you consume CBD and enjoy its full benefits. Whether you are enjoying CBD flower or CBD oil in your vape, we got you covered.

Vaping dos

Get to know the vaporizer

Vaporizer brands created their vaporizers to keep them on top of the game. Some vaporizers gradually increase in temperature, while there those that have three to five pre-sets. High-end models allow you to control the temperature to 1-degree increments.

Some brands invest in the heating chamber or oven. You can get a conduction vaporizer that uses direct heat contact to vaporize hemp flower. The convection vaporizer uses hot air, and the hybrid that combines the best of both worlds. Each delivers a different kind of experience, which you’ll appreciate when you use it with CBD hemp flower.

Learn about your CBD flower

There are so many strains of hemp flower, and each one of them has their own effects. Take, for example, the Jet Fuel OG. It gives you that burst of energy and clarity that it’s the ideal wake and bake companion. The Magic Jordan is a nice, mellow strain that gives you that deep relaxation after a long hard day of working or partying.

Each CBD hemp flower provides a different kind of vaping experience. The best CBD flower is the one that can help you get the effects that you need at the right time. Know more about the genes of the flower (i.e., Sativa, Indica, Hybrid), the CBD content, and what vapers were able to achieve with the strain.

Set the right temperature

The best way to experience the full effects of CBD flower is to get the right temperature. Full spectrum CBD has many cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds that “wake up” at a specific temp.

In general, you can vape CBD flower at 221°F-482°F (105°C-250°C). However, some prefer a range of 225°F-450°F to prevent burning.

Low temp gives you that mellow, subtle effects, which is ideal for beginners. You’ll also appreciate this low temp if your throat is too dry and sensitive.

For experienced smokers that want something strong, you can go higher at about 350°F-450°F. The vapor flavor is going to be stronger, harsher, and bolder. Be careful when you go high because it can be overwhelming.

Go slow

The best way to enjoy CBD flower for vaping is to take the time to relish the flavor in each drag. HIts with a vaporizer should be done in soft sips instead of deep, fast drags you typically do when you’re smoking CBD.

Fast hard draws cool down your vaporizer oven, causing a strain on your vaporizer’s battery. Allow your vaporizer to process your CBD flower by letting the oven stay within the set temperature. You’ll vaporize your CBD flower to the fullest and won’t be wasting any botanical.

Vaping CBD flower don’ts

Underfilling or overpacking the chamber

You’ll be able to enjoy the best clouds from your CBD flower when the chamber can work to its best capacity.

Underfilling will only burn your CBD flower, and you won’t get as much vapor as you would normally get with your CBD flower. There’s so much room that heat will cause your vapor to dry up and dissipate.

Overfilling stresses your vaporizer and also leads to wasted CBD flower. The chamber is so cramped that there’s no chance for the heat to reach every single grain of flower. This leads to uneven vaporization that results in a lack of flavor and cloud volume. You’ll also have a hard time pulling from the vaporizer, which can also put a strain on the batteries.

Throwing away your vaped hemp flower

There are different ways to consume CBD hemp flowers, and using already been vaped (ABV) material is one of them. They still contain trace amounts of CBD in them that you can take advantage of. You can add them to your edibles that you can enjoy while your vaping.

Neglecting your vaporizer

Vaporizers also need a little TLC, particularly the atomizer. You need to keep the atomizer clean by wiping it with a swab of alcohol after each use. This will take out any botanical residue that can burn or interfere with the heat transfer within your chamber.

Get the full benefits of CBD by learning what and what not to do when you vape. Using CBD is a multifaceted practice that you shouldn’t hesitate to explore. Get your vaporizer and enjoy it with our line of CBD flowers by clicking here now and placing your order!


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