Tweedle Farms: An Honest Vendor Review

Reading about vendor reviews is the best way for you to gain insights about a hemp flower provider. Let’s have a look at Tweedle Farms and what’s behind their popularity.

What is Tweedle Farms?

Tweedle Farms is a family-owned hemp farm in Northwest Oregon. They specialize in farm-to-table high-CBD industrial hemp flowers. The dream started when two farmers, Jason Evans and James Green, joined together in 2016 and offered CBD hemp flower products. With their dedication to providing high-quality hemp products, their popularity soared in 2018.

Although Tweedle Farms is not certified organic, they give assurance that their hemp farm doesn’t use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or sprays. The farm also sources some of their products from other companies or farms. Aside from their local brand, you’ll be seeing other products from Magu Maiden Farms, Hemp Worldwide LLC, as well as from their friends in Central or Southern Oregon.

What hemp products can I get?

Tweedle Farms has many offerings such as:

  • Hemp flowers – you can get hemp strains like Lifter, Cherry Wine and Suver Haze. There’s also a 4-Strain Mystery Sampler for those who have variety with an element of surprise.
  • Concentrates – in cartridges and wax. There’s also a wax concentrate flight sampler with 1 gram each of 6 strains.
  • Tinctures – for humans and pets
  • Pre-rolls – available in three popular strains
  • Edibles – gummies and capsules
  • Topicals – bath bombs, lip balm, muscle rubs, and lotions
  • Small buds –
  • Trims/Shakes

These products are thoroughly tested for CBD and THC, ensuring that you have varieties that are full of flavor and up to your standards.

How much will I be spending?

Tweedle Farms offer flowers for $6-$100, with prices dependent on weight. Concentrates will cost you $40-$90, with the Wax Concentrate Flight Sampler costing $160. If you want to geta pre-roll, expect to pay $4-$6. Edibles cost $30-$65, with topicals going for $6-$50.

What’s the mode of payment?

Tweedle Farms accepts credit card payment options. However, you can only use MasterCard and VISA.

Any shipping policies that I should know?

Your order can take 2 full business days after purchase before they ship out. The Tweedle Farm office is closed on weekends, so orders completed late Thursday or anytime on Friday will take longer.

All orders above $45 get free shipping in the US. The average delivery time of their hemp products usually takes 5-7 days. They ship your orders together with letters to law enforcement containing information about the hemp products, as well as lab results.

Twiddle Farms, however, don’t offer international shipping.

Can I get a discount code?

There are no discount codes available, but some goods are available in sale. They are more than willing to give you military discounts when you reach out to them through email.

How does Tweedle Farms compare to others?

Tweedle Farms is one of the companies that are pretty active in social media. They take the time to reach out to their customers and have excellent customer service. When one had a problem with a Mystery pack order, the customer service team was more than eager to step in and correct the problem. Of course, there are some instances when company feedback will take some time, such as when your query falls on a Friday or weekend.

Still, many are happy with Tweedle Farms. The quality of the CBD products is excellent and you get fresh, clean flavor with each strain.


Tweedle Farms take their license to operate in Northwest Oregon seriously. It’s a hemp farm that you can trust for CBD hemp flower. The freshness, smell, and pure potency remain stable throughout the years, with each order as good as the first.

As long as you don’t order over the weekend, shipping is fast and convenient. Also, if you live near Northwest Oregon, you’ll get your orders fast without needing to expedite shipping.

In need of other strains?

If you’re looking for other varieties such as Indica Kush, Sour J, and Jack Frost, you may have to look at other vendors. Heavenly Hemp Flower is a family-owned company based in Colorado Springs. We believe that you only get the best experience when you get the highest quality industrial hemp products from licensed and reliable growers. Please don’t forget to check out our store for your hemp needs!

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