Sunsoil: A CBD Vendor Review

There’s another Vermont hemp vendor that’s putting an effort to improve the CBD industry. Our Sunsoil review will show you what the company is about, their products, and what customers experienced with them.

What is Sunsoil?

The company was once called Green Mountain CBD (started in 2015), and they changed their name to Sunsoil early in February 2019. Their lovely hemp farm is USDA certified organic, where they custom-breed their seeds and harvest crops by hand. The crops are grown in greenhouses, allowing them to jump-start the growing season that gives them 45-60 days until the soil is warm enough for cultivating.

Aside from sustainable farming practices, Sunsoil also harvest mature plants by hand. This ensures that they get high-quality hemp crops that are rich in CBD oil. Throughout their years in the business, they pioneered

What are the CBD products available?

Sunsoil has full spectrum CBD tinctures in different flavors such as chocolate mint, cinnamon, and citrus. You can also get unflavored drops if you prefer the honest flavor of hemp flower. You can choose between 10mg or 20mg of CBD per serving, depending on your preferred CBD strengthen.

There’s also a CBD spray made with MCT oil and organic full-spectrum hemp extract. Each spray gives you 5mg of CBD and a splash of peppermint for flavor – and fresher breath!

They also have coconut oil with 20mg of CBD in each 1mL teaspoon. You don’t have to worry about getting an accurate dose as it comes with is 1mL measuring spoon. You can eat it as is, but with a neutral flavor so that you can add it to recipes. It’s also formulated to make it fast absorbing on the skin as a topical salve. It’s vegan and pet friendly since it’s made with organic and natural ingredients.

Sunsoil also has 30ct vegan capsules that have 20mg of CBD each. For a faster effect, you can choose softgels that have 20mg of CBD in each capsule. They offer it in 60ct and 90ct bottles so that you have just the right amount of softgels depending on how much you need your CBD.

How much am I going to spend?

The full-spectrum CBD tinctures cost $24.00-$60.00, but you can get the three-flavor bundle for $120.00. The Sunsoil CBD spray is $24.00-$30.00, and for the coconut CBD oil, you can expect to spend $24.00-$30.00. The vegan capsules will cost you $24.00-$30.00, and the softgels are $24.00-$90.00.

How will I pay for my order?

Sunsoil accepts payments through VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. Some credit card companies have policies regarding CBD purchases, and you may have to look for other alternatives to fulfill your order.

What’s the shipping policy?

Sunsoil products ship within 24 hours after purchasing. There’s also a standard $3.99 fee for the ground shipping option. Orders sent through the standard method usually arrive within 5 business days.

Should you prefer the expedited shipping option, it will take about 3 business days. Overnight shipping usually arrives the next business day after customers receive their shipping notification. Additional costs are added for both shipping options, which will depend on your location.

Currently, Sunsoil is only catering to domestic orders and doesn’t ship internationally.

Can I send my order back?

Sunsoil doesn’t accept returns. However, you can get a replacement or refund if you got a damaged/defective item. Any request for a refund or replacement should be made within 30 days of purchase.

Is there a Sunsoil coupon code that I can use?

As of now, there’s no coupon code available on the website because the prices are already competitive in the market. However, you can get 20% less if you get a delivery subscription that they send out every 6, 8, or 12 weeks.

What are the Sunsoil reviews from customers?

When it comes to Sunsoil products, many find Sunsoil to be of high quality because of the minimal ingredients used in the production. Once they get the needed CBD amount, whether it’s CBD oil, spray, or capsules, they were able to experience relaxation and a pleasant numbing sensation.

The drops are helpful in easing the stress from the day and calming the nerves. Most of the customers take the CBD products before going to bed and find the effects continue to the next day.

Subscription service is reliable, and customers get their orders regularly on schedule. Individual orders come on time and some even earlier than expected. Sunsoil’s customer support system is also excellent, and many find their issues and concerns answered professionally.

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