Smoking CBD Bud: Hemp Flower The Right Way


Do you want to enjoy your hemp flower to the fullest?  Whether you’re vaping or smoking CBD bud, there are techniques that you have to observe so that you won’t be wasting your buds.

To heat or not to heat CBD bud

Smokers are split on heating hemp buds before smoking or just fire it straight away. The concept of heating lies in the sleeping giant in your buds. Your buds contain CBDa, with is the slumbering form of CBD. When you add heat to your flower, it creates a chemical reaction that converts CBDa to CBD. This is the reason why decarboxylation is necessary when you’re going to use CBD hemp flower for edibles.

Now, many believe, and it is true, that you’re already starting that chemical reaction when you smoke or vaporize hemp buds. That heat travels up through the entire bowl or joint, which you can feel if you’re going to use a glass blunt. Some do notice that if they heat up their buds in the microwave, they feel twice the effect. On the other hand, heating up your bud before smoking results in a dry smoke if not done properly.

If you’re new to smoking hemp, choose the traditional path first before experimenting on other smoking techniques.

Draw in slow and steady

We understand. The smell of high-CBD buds is so enticing that you want to draw it in fast. However, smoking CBD bud isn’t the same as drawing from a cigarette or drinking from a straw. Hemp buds contain many compounds that act synergistically together to give that entourage effect. Inhale too fast, and you’ll get overwhelmed.

Be good to your lungs. Don’t keep the smoke in too long or smoke too fast.

Take what you can

Everything has its limits, and the same goes for your lungs. Some think that filling your lungs with smoke beyond its capacity will make you feel the effects better. However, your lungs can only take as much and the rest of if you exhale. Don’t be envious of those who suck in smoke like a sponge on the first hit. Everyone has a different lung capacity. Respect your lungs, and you’ll get the best experience with your buds without wasting.

Don’t keep it in

Another “fail” many smokers do is keeping the smoke in until they almost turn blue and purple on the face. Although hemp is better than tobacco, the smoke you’re keeping in isn’t air. It still contains combusted compounds that are harmful and can damage your lungs. You won’t get a stronger effect by holding in smoke. What you’ll get is a coughing fit because your air sacs are getting dry and irritated.

Start slowly

Another common practice that is a waste of a good smoking bud is hitting your smoke like there’s no tomorrow. There’s barely a minute in between hits because you want to feel the full effects of the strain you’re smoking. There are some fast-acting strains, but you do have to be aware that there are “creepers” or strains that take their lovely time to take effect.

Space your hits so that you can gauge the effectiveness of your smoke. Unlike CBD oil and edibles, dosing is purely guesswork when it comes to smoking CBD bud. Wait a minute or two after the first hit, then rest for 10-15 minutes after the second. This way, you’ll have an idea how your body will react to a strain, especially if you’re trying one out for the first time.

If you’re smoking CBD hemp flower though a joint, enjoy the lighting process. You just need a good cherry (actively burning portion) going. Roll the joint around the flame using your fingers to get an even burn. This means you don’t need to draw in while you’re lighting up your joint.

Know the strain you’re smoking

There are different strains, and each one gives you different effects. Some strains should be taken during the daytime, and some are best enjoyed when you’re about to sleep. For example, Durban Poison hits you like a shot of espresso to help you seize the day. Should you prefer something for relaxing before going to bed, our Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower is a must-try.  Now, if you want something to knock you out, Grand Daddy Purple is highly recommended.

We have other strains available, all of which have different CBD potency that you need for your smoking or vaping session. All of our buds are legal, and they contain less than 0.3% THC. Click here now, and we’ll get your buds delivered in your doorstep!


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