Simple Pure CBD: A Vendor Review

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Stores have their own specialties when it comes to CBD. We took a look at what Simple Pure CBD specializes in and what products can be found on the website.

What is Simple Pure CBD?

Simple Pure CBD specializes in skincare products and essential oils with 100% pure therapeutic and aromatherapy quality. All of their products undergo blending and bottling processes in their own facility to ensure quality control.

All CBD products undergo lab testing that you can double-check at the company’s website. They source their CBD from suppliers that have proven dedication to quality and high standards. They source their CBD hemp from award-winning farms found in Colorado & Utah.

What are the products in Simple Pure CBD?

Their smokables come in two varieties: vape and flower. The industrial hemp flowers come in two varieties: clarity (Suver Haze) and bliss (Sour Space Candy). For the vapes, you can get the Ignite CBD pod pen, which is rechargeable. There’s also a CBD disposable pen and a CBD pod refill.

Those who prefer an easy, mess-free application of CBD oil have roll-ons containing 250mg of CBD. You can also prepare for the day or wash out the stress, and worries with their body wash, scrub, shampoo, conditioner, and Epsom bath salt. The body scrub has 350mg of CBD isolate, while the rest has 250mg of CBD isolate. You can also get some bath bombs that have 100mg of CBD isolate and a blend of pure essential oils for a good, relaxing soak.

Skincare is also important in your CBD regimen, and you can get a range of products from lip balm to toners and moisturizers. The lip balm contains 100mg of CBD, while the rest have a strength of 350mg.

Coffee lovers will also have a pleasant way of greeting the morning with K-Kups with 300mg of CBD and whole medium roast coffee beans with 450mg-500mg of CBD.

You can also have some CBD edibles such as gummies and peach rings that contain 300mg or 1000mg per bag. If you love honey, you can get their CBD honey that’s been tested to have the best bioavailability and absorption rates.

There is also something for your pets, including drops, shampoo, and treats. The treats come with 10mg of CBD per treat, made with organic ingredients, and contain no THC.

If you can’t decide which one to get, you can try out their CBD starter pack in three varieties. Each one has three kinds of CBD products that will give you a sample of what kind of CBD experience you’ll have.

Now, if you prefer getting some nutritional boosts to go through your system at a slower yet steady rate, they also carry Innov8ive patches. You also have a choice of 28 essential oils for aromatherapy. Let the room infuse with their scent using their aroma diffuser as you use the CBD massage oils.

How much are the CBD products?

CBD hemp flower has a price of $15.00-$149.00 while the vapes are for $10.00-$20.00. The roll-ons cost $25.00, with the shower gels and body wash going for $25.00-$30.00. The skincare products have a price tag of $11.00-$99.00.

The CBD coffee is available for $24.00-$39.00, while the edibles are for $40.00-$100.00. You can get the essential oils & synergy blends for $14.00-$18.00, and the massage oil $35.00-$100.00. The patches have a price range of $40.00-$150.00.

Should you want to test the waters, the CBD starter pack costs $99.00-$900.00. For your pets, expect to spend $20.00-$150.00.

How will I pay?

Credit cards are accepted on the website, and you can fulfill your purchase also through GPay.

How will I get my order?

A minimum purchase of $35 for CBD products gives you free delivery options. You can also choose a store pickup at their store in Glendale, Arizona.

Is there a Simple Pure CBD discount coupon?

You can get a 10% discount on all orders when you sign up for their newsletter. Plus, you’ll also receive some offers every now and then in your email.

Should I order from them?

It’s a great store to go to if you’re into tinctures, creams, and aromatherapy essential oils. The CBD creams are one of the popular products because they provide topical relief that soothes the aches and eases out the tension.

The CBD oils in roll-on provided convenience and relief in a bottle, and many find it a reliable product when they are looking for something to soothe their stress and aches.

One thing that we noticed is the limited varieties of CBD flowers. Different flower strains provide different levels of CBD concentration and effects. Should you want something that can you will feel throughout your system faster, we have several options to help you relax, maintain focus, or end the day for the next one. Click here now, and we’ll deliver legal hemp buds that are third-party lab tested and of good quality.

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