Remedy Shoppe: A Cannabis Dispensary Review

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Alaska is one of the states in the US that legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. They became the third state to legalize recreational cannabis upon the approval of Measure 2 or The Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative. With the support of 53% of voters in2014, cannabis is now legal for regulation, production, sale, and recreational use. Remedy Shoppe is one of the licensed dispensaries that offer cannabis for medical and recreational use.

What is Remedy Shoppe?

The Remedy Shoppe is a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Skagway, Alaska. It was one of the first to have obtained a license as a cannabis retail store in the state. They conduct their business by providing only the finest cannabis products for retail purchase.

According to their listing, Remedy Shoppe test their buds for cannabinoids, pesticides, solvents, and terpene content. To ensure that your business transaction is smooth and simple, budtenders are knowledgeable about all the products.

The website is a bit disorganized compared to other online vendors such as Oregon Bud Company and Original Hemp Buds. There’s not much thought and effort put into creating and maintaining the site as there are some blank pages that need to get some work on.

What can you buy in the Remedy Shoppe?

Remedy Shoppe offers several strains of cannabis flowers like:

  • Nikiski
  • Watermelon Mojito
  • Mercy Fruit Haze
  • Gas Monkey
  • Durban Poison
  • Green Crack
  • Liberty Haze
  • Pineapple Express
  • Tangie
  • Critical Cure
  • Cupcake
  • Trinity

If you’re stuck in making a choice of which cannabis flower to get, Remedy Shoppe features a Cultivator’s Choice each month. For December, their cannabis strains in focus are the Rabbi Kosher Kush and Vanilla Kush.

You can also get The Boom Blunt that has 1gm of flower. The blunts are injected with 0.25g pf C02 concentrate extract oil for a stronger hit.

For fans of edibles, you have a choice of cannaroons, gummies, coconut oil, Magical Mist, mini truffles, mini chocolate chips, and leaf chews.

You can also get full-spectrum CBD hemp oil in MCT made with 100% whole plant.

The site shows options for concentrates, distillate cartridges, vape oil cartridges, disposable and vape pens. Unfortunately, there are no product listings within the categories.

To see all of their products, you need to go to their retail store and take your pick.

How will I order from the Remedy Shoppe?

There’s no option to purchase products from the site. You’ll have to go to the Remedy Shoppe dispensary in Skagway, Alaska to get your cannabis products.

It’s a bit of an inconvenience because you have to do business with them at their physical store. This also means that you have to purchase using cash as credit card companies have restrictions on cannabis purchases.

What do people say about Remedy Shoppe?

If you happen to be in Skagway, Alaska looking for quality cannabis products, this one of the dispensaries to try out. According to a handful of customer feedback, the staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and approachable. If you have any questions about their products, the store staff will be more than happy to provide answers.

There isn’t much to serve as a good basis on how Remedy Shoppe conducts its business. Although it is one of the long-running dispensaries in the state, reviews are close to rare. It may or may not be the dispensary for you. The best way to know is to ask a few friends or people you know in Skagway, Alaska to tell you more about it.

As a marijuana dispensary, you should expect that the buds they have will have high THC content. When you’re sensitive to the effects of THC, you’re most suited to legal hemp buds. These buds are carefully grown to contain no more than 0.3% THC.

There are many industrial hemp flower strains that can provide several effects such as relaxation, a sense of calm, and uplift your mood. Click here now and see which hemp flower will be the best one to match your needs. No need to step out of your home because we’ll send your order to your address!

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