Receptra Naturals: A CBD Brand Review

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Several companies in Colorado like Hempvada and Little Flower Hemp are showing their love for locally grown hemp. Receptra Naturals believe that you only get the best experience from a product using honestly good ingredients.

What is Receptra Naturals?

Receptra Naturals was founded in 2015 with their focus on transparency and trust. Their legacy is to provide reliable, effective CBD products designed to support individuals in their daily activities.

The quest started in 2015 when Rusty Scott slipped on ice and landed on his knee. In serious pain for months and wary of prescribed pain medications, he turned to CBD. Finding no success brand after brand, Scott founded Receptra Naturals. The goal is to make potent CBD products created from Colorado hemp that consistently works.

Staying true in their goal for transparency, you’ll see the third-party lab test on the website.

Can you tell me more about the products?

Just like Cornbread CBD, Receptra Naturals only use hemp flowers for their CBD products.

Receptra Naturals offer Serious Relief CBD tinctures and oils that you can use for relaxation and relief. The formulations are combinations of CBD with chamomile, turmeric, and lavender. The most popular is their Serious Relief + Turmeric tincture with a 33mg/dose of CBD.

If you want your CBD with the convenience of carrying it around, you can get the Serious Rest and Seriously Relax gell capsules. Both of which have 25mg of full-spectrum hemp extract that can be your instant go-to when you need to chill.

Serious Rest gummies are also available. Containing full-spectrum CBD from hemp flower, these gummies are soft, chewy, and has a delightful mountain strawberry flavor. It’s a formulation of CBD + CBN, so using it before bedtime is recommended. It’s also vegan, with Receptra using pectin instead of gelatin to fit vegan practices. It doesn’t contain melatonin, so all you have working for you are natural plant compounds.

Receptra also has CBD topical products to provide localized relief for people with active lifestyles. There’s the Serious Relief Stick with 640mg of CBD and topical balms with 400mg of CBD per jar. Should you prefer something smooth and flowing for a body massage, you can try the Seriously Relax + Arnica body oil.

How much will I be spending?

The Receptra CBD Serious Relief tinctures and oils have a price of $45.99-$269.99, with capsules having a price of $69.99. You can get the gummies for $54.99, and the topicals are available at $29.99-$71.99.

How can I pay?

Receptra accepts payments via credit card, and there’s also an option to pay with a digital wallet.

What’s the shipping policy?

Receptra Naturals ships your orders through USPS standard ground shipping and UPS Air. They have an estimated time table on their website to show you when you’ll likely get your order.

Can I send my orders back?

In case you’re not satisfied with the hemp products you got from Receptra, you’re welcome to send them an email. You have 30 days to reach out to them for any issues, and they’ll offer a full refund.

Is there a Receptra Naturals discount?

They offer 15% off on your first order when you subscribe to their newsletter. You can also create an account with a company to become part of their rewards program. You earn points each time you shop, and you can use them for exclusive discounts.

They also have a Military Appreciation Program that will slash 50% off on the price of Receptra products for service members.

What are the Receptra Naturals reviews from customers?

The Receptra Natural CBD Serious Relief is highly popular and one of their best products. The CBD hemp oils provide people with soothing and relaxing relief from aches, pains, and soreness. The company was able to deliver the quality that many are looking for in their CBD products.

The products work well in providing relief for pains and aches. The effect lasts long, and many were able to find success with their chosen Receptra product. You’ll get an assurance of the potency of their formulation through the latest third party testing published on the website.

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