Real Hemp LLC: What’s the Future?

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Real Hemp LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stevia Corp, founded in 2014. Through the initiatives of Stevia Corp’s chairman George Blankenbaker, Real Hemp LLC achieved full trademark registration on July 7, 2015. This was years before industrial hemp became fully legal in the United States.

Based on Indianapolis, Indiana, the company’s goal is to provide honest and factual information about hemp. Through the use of its platform, the company provides support to hemp products and companies of outstanding reputation.

Real Hemp supplies raw and processed hemp products to companies in the cosmetic, food, and fiber industry. They also teamed up with expert doctors and researchers in order to provide customers with the highest quality cannabinoid extracts. Their dedication garnered them a Communicator Award of excellence in 2015

Looking at their social media pages, Real Hemp LLC takes their commitment seriously. Their social media pages give education and information about hemp. They’re also sharing hemp-related events that can benefit growers and farmers by providing an opportunity to network and increase their knowledge on hemp.

What hemp products does Real Hemp LLC provide?

Based on their social media page, Real Hemp offers:

  • Processed hemp fiber
  • Hemp products for industrial use

They can also be contacted for customized hemp production based on different categories of hemp, such as:

  • Creams and lotions
  • Edible Hemp seed packs that contain essential fatty acids.
  • Eco-friendly bags made from industrial hemp.

Current news

We visited their website, and there’s a statement saying that Real Hemp LLC is going to create a retail store in Boulder, CO. They will direct you to their store website, which is also down as of the moment. There are no more updates on their social media pages. The last posts dated back 2017, and they’re not responding to any comments on their page.

This may be due to its agreement with Falcon Technologies, Inc on April 10, 2019. George Blankenbaker, Stevia Corp’s chairman, gave exclusive worldwide license to Falcon to use the Real Hemp trademark and brand for two years. Falcon Technologies can also buy full rights to Real Hemp LLC during the 2-year term.

Falcon Technologies is a nutraceutical company that is on a mission to develop a range of CBD-based products with ingredients scientifically sourced, manufactured, and distributed within the US. The company does farm visits and also checks on manufacturing sites, ensuring that they only get the highest quality hemp products.

As of now, there’s no news or statement from both parties. Whether or not Real Hemp LLC will revert to being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stevia Corp, we’ll just have to wait and see to find out.

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