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Having a multitude of choices can be overwhelming for some, especially if you’re unsure of what CBD product to get. We took a peek at Natures Pure Leaf CBD products to see what they have for those who are looking for natural alternatives.

What is Natures Pureleaf?

Pureleef 2020 offers CBD products using 100% American grown plants in a Kentucky farm. It’s one of the few vendors that state that you can trace the origins of their products from seed to bottle. The raw hemp used in each CBD product undergoes CO2 extraction process, resulting in isolated hemp oil is completely free of THC. They observe strict quality control to ensure that you get the same strength and quality that you expect to have from a trusted leader in the CBD industry.

What are the Pure Leaf CBD products available?

Natures Pureleaf has pure CBD oil in tincture forms packed in 30mL bottles. It’s organic and comes in 1000mg strength with 99%+ purity.

They also carry other CBD products from MedTerra, offering you different choices of:

  • Pure CBD oil available in 500mg and 3000mg
  • Broad Spectrum Tincture in 1000mg and 2000mg
  • Rapid Cooling Topical CBD Cream
  • CBD Rapid Cooling Roll-on
  • CBD + Manuka Cream which is a blend of New Zealand Manuka Honey and 125mg of CBD plus more than 20 botanical ingredients.

You can also get CBD products for your pets. These are

  • MedTerra Pets Unflavored CBD tincture oil
  • CBD Joint Support chews

These products are third-party lab tested, with the COA posted on a dedicated page on the website.

How much are the Natures Pure Leaf CBD products?

Nature’s Pureleaf CBD oil costs $64.99. If you’re going to order the MedTerra CBD oil, you’ll be spending $34.99-134.99. For the MedTerra Broad Spectrum Tincture, it will cost you $65.00-$99.00. The Rapid Cooling Cream goes for $79.99, and the CBD + Manuka Cream costs $39.99. For the roll-on, you’ll be spending $39.95. As for the pet products, the CBD oil tincture costs $34.95, while the chews cost $39.99.

For each bottle you buy, a donation goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your Pure Leaf CBD order by using major credit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and VISA.

What’s the shipping policy?

Natures Pureleaf sends out orders the same day when payment is posted before 3pm Eastern Time. The good news is, you get free shipping on your order, and they ship out Monday-Friday.  How long it will take for your order to arrive will depend on your location.

Of course, there are times when you want it sooner, and you can’t wait to get your order. You can opt for special delivery options such as next day or guaranteed two-day service for an additional fee. Should you prefer a different mode and speed of delivery, just call them through their provided phone number. They’ll walk you through their list of shipping options plus the fees included for a seamless transaction.

Does Natures Pureleaf CBD accept returns?

All sales are considered final as Natures Pure Leaf take contamination issues seriously. However, let’s say you got a wrong order. You’ll have to let them know immediately and make sure not to open the seal at any cost. Once they get the wrong order, they’ll send you the correct one.

Are there discounts available?

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What are the people saying about Pure Leaf CBD?

The customer reviews in the site show that Natures Pureleaf CBD products deliver their desired effects. One common experience that the customers shared was a lack of focus. With regular use of Pure Leaf CBD oils, they were able to concentrate on one project at a time. Their thoughts don’t jump from one topic to another, and they were able to experience relaxation. The CBD oils do take time to take effect, about at least a couple of weeks before you start to feel any results. Once it does, the action lingers on, especially with continuous use.

Nature’s Pureleaf can be your dependable source for CBD products. Should you prefer to get a CBD flower, you may have to look for other stores. Heavenly Hemp Flower not only offers CBD oils. We also carry top-shelf premium hemp flower buds grown organically in beautiful, sunny Colorado. Carefully grown in a controlled environment, these buds are free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Some of our popular strains include Cherry Blossom, Purple Panties, Sour Diesel, and Mendocino Purps. Want to try out our strains? We have an 8-Strain Sampler Pack that has 1/8 each of the 8 different strains of your choice. Click here now and order your CBD flowers and oils for home delivery!

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