Premium Jane: An Honest Vendor Review

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New brands keep on popping up as more and more companies join the CBD bandwagon. Our Premium Jane review looks into the company to see if their products are worth buying or not.

What is Premium Jane?

Premium Jane is a CBD company dedicated to creating top-quality products for those looking for the best CBD products. As one of the top-selling CBD brand in the US, the company uses only domestically-grown hemp in Kentucky. The plant matter undergoes CO2 extraction, leaving behind CBD oil that has less than 0.3% THC.

By using industrial hemp, the products are legal in 50 states and don’t require a special card for purchasing.

What does the brand carry?

One of the popular options is the Premium Jane CBD oil in full-spectrum formulation. The oils come in several flavors such a Mint, Mint Chocolate, Citrus, Natural, Peach Nectar, and Lemon-Lime. You also have varying potency levels to choose from: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg, 3000mg, and even up to 5000mg. They have something for everyone, whether you’re new to CBD oil tinctures or an expert that needs high potency for daily activities.

The CBD capsules from PremiumJane come in two potencies: 750mg (25mg per capsule) and 1200mg (40mg per capsule). The full spectrum CBD capsules can be your choice when you prefer the hemp experience but not the taste.

For skin care and topical relief, you can get facial creams, cleansers, scrubs, and salves. The facial products carry 200mg-300mg of CBD, with the salves 750mg-1500mg. Premium Jane also have gummies in 750mg and 1500mg strength, which you can get in Original, Strawberry, and Lime flavors. If you’re sensitive to even a minuscule amount of THC, these gummies are perfect as they contain 99% pure CBD isolate.

They don’t have much to offer when it comes to smokable hemp. You’ll only see two variants or pre-rolled joints on the site. One pack of three pre-rolls contains 45mg of hemp and 135mg total of CBD.

Their CBD bath bombs carry 50mg of CBD per 50z of bombs and you can choose between 5 scents. Premium Jane also has hemp extract for pets. You can give your furry babies some CBD treats, or CBD drops.

The Premium Jane CBD products all contain full-spectrum hemp CBD oil. All are 100% organic, non-GMO, and third-party lab tested for pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and chemical fertilizers.

How much will I pay?

The Premium Jane CBD oils in tincture forms cost $48.00-$275.00, with the capsules $75.00-$75.00. The CBD topicals are $25.00-$40.00 and the CBD gummies $55.00-$90.00. Pre-rolls go for $18.00, and the bath bombs cost $10.99

What’s the mode of payment?

Premium Jane accepts payments through MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.

How do they ship?

All orders in the US get free shipping. Depending on your location, you’ll receive your orders within 3-9 working days.

Can I send the products back?

You can request for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days after purchase. When you send the orders back, you’ll be the one responsible for return shipping. Refunds or exchanges are accepted as long as there’s no damage, tampering, or destruction on the package and/or label.

Is there a Premium Jane CBD discount coupon?

You can get 15% off on your first order when you sign up for their newsletter.

Should I buy from Premium Jane?

Third-party lab tested, vegan, and only uses natural ingredients. As a new company making its mark among a sea of CBD brands, Premium Jane is going to have its work cut out for it. Based on the reviews, the Premium Jane products were able to hit their goal.

The CBD tinctures and gummies were able to provide the support that customers need for relaxing and getting ready for sleep. Customer service is also reliable, whether it’s about getting your orders or answers to questions.

Premium Jane started off quite strong, and only time will tell if they can hold on to the reputation that they started. One thing that’s noticeably missing is the selection of industrial hemp flowers.

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