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So, you’re looking to buy premium quality hemp flower online? It can be challenging to find the right retailer or distributor. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration and some fraudsters might even sell you marijuana posing as CBD flower. Sounds risky? Don’t worry, this guide will help you avoid such legal troubles and will offer you insight about buying hemp flower and full-spectrum CBD online. Since the legalities are in question here, let’s begin by asking:

What is Premium Hemp Flower?

A premium quality CBD hemp flower is very different from the standard CBD products. They contain top-shelf buds that are well-trimmed and come in packaging without any seeds. You can straight away unpack them and consume them according to your requirements. However, there are also other factors and qualities that make it stand out. Given below is an in-depth explanation.

  • Premium hemp flower should be grown in an environment free of pesticides. There wouldn’t be the use of any chemical to offer colouring or taste. A premium CBD hemp flower is often lab tested with CoA that would scan for the legal amounts of THC, and other chemical compositions like pesticides. It will be free of chemicals.
  • They always have low THC content, around 0.2% to 0 3%. Hemp Flower must contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC in order for it to be legal. Premium hemp flower often has the lowest amount possible that would make it ideal for consumption and save you from legalities, some are even free of it altogether. THC is the content in cannabis plants that is responsible for providing the high.
  • Premium CBD hemp flower will have a varying terpene profile, according to the uses. For example, a premium CBD strain with a-pinene, linalool, and other contents is suitable for anxiety. Whereas, b-caryophyllene and myrcene are more suitable for pain relief. There are more than 100 terpenes in the hemp flower. It is the content that determines the taste and smell of the hemp, including CBD oil.

Is It Legal to Order Hemp Flower Online?

Yes, it is legal to purchase the hemp flower online. However, it is important to check state laws. After the Farm Bill of 2018, Hemp Flower (Including CBD Products) is not considered an illegal drug. They are not controlled substances anymore. Hemp Flower has been legalized in over 40 states, including by federal laws. So you can easily order hemp flower online. Although, there are certain factors you should pay attention to. One more point that you should note is that each state has its own rules and regulations regarding CBD flower. You need to pay deliberate attention to the laws and understand where what is allowed.

Disoriented State Law Structure

California allows the consumption of hemp flower in normal forms, it is not allowed to be used as a food ingredient. Similarly, Delaware allows the purchasing of hemp but farming is not allowed in the state. States like Florida have completely legalized hemp flower. So it comes down the state you’re living in, and the type of hemp flower product you are attempting to buy. These irregularities exist because of the lack of food and drug administration’s insight on the hemp flower. There hasn’t been any development from FDA about hemp’s use for consumption, as an ingredient, or supplementation. CBD flower has yet to be evaluated by the food and drug administration.

Full Spectrum CBD Bans

There are several states that don’t fall among the 40 legalizing states that have banned the CBD products and hemp flowers. Mainly because Hemp is from a cannabis family and looks almost identical to marijuana. Thus, it is challenging for law enforcement like police to determine whether a person possesses marijuana or a CBD flower. It has the possibility to get the possessor into several legal formalities. To save trouble, some states have banned Hemp Flower altogether. There is a potential for these bans to turn into law.  Industrial hemp is allowed because of its extensive, 25,000 different uses. Industrial hemp is grown with the purpose of industrial manufacturing and is not available for consumption, identical to industrial alcohol.

Where to Buy Premium Hemp Flower Online

The internet is a vast place and there is almost everything available online. Hence, you can also find Hemp flowers to buy. There are several other products like CBD oil, edibles, and CBD flower. It all comes down to what you’re looking for. You can find it with an easy google search. However, you should still follow these guidelines to ensure that you get a premium quality hemp flower. 


A certification of analysis will reveal the contents in any hemp flower. CBD, THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids are present in hemp buds. It further analyzes the quality of your flower to determine other contents like pesticides, if it is clean or not. Each lab-tested batch will have a CoA certification. All products at Heavenly Hemp Flower come with current and relevant laboratory testing.

Moneyback Guarantee:

Some companies that value their customers will always offer some form of a money-back guarantee if their customer is not satisfied. It is not mandatory, the moneyback may be replaced with a product replacement. However, there is always some form of guarantee regarding the products. It boosts the prestige of the company and builds the required trust with the customers.

Responsive Customer Service:

Company will always offer customer care service that is helpful to you. They will be able to answer all of the questions that you might have regarding their services or products. There are also flexible working hours. Even if they are not necessarily available 24/7, they should have a complete customer care initiative. 

Who has the Best Hemp Flower?

You have been given a complete guide to determine the best CBD hemp flower according to your requirements. However, you can always look for wholesale providers. Hemp flowers grown in the best farms are great, especially from the region of Colorado, Washington State, and Oregon. Make sure that they are grown by licensed farmers and manufacturers. A company that has been around for years and works together with farmers is a great selection for purchasing hemp. 

Heavenly Hemp Flower is a trusted, high-quality, and premium retailer for all things Hemp Flower and CBD. We offer outstanding customer service, same-day shipping, money-back guarantee, and lab certifications on all of our products. We even offer lots of Hemp and CBD resources for any important questions you may have.

Can you fail a drug test due to CBD Flower?

There is a rare chance that you might fail the drug test due to CBD Flower. Any drug test actually looks for THC contents in the body. Most of the CBD flowers have contents ranging from 0.2% to 0.3%. While it is minimalistic compared to the drug, if you smoke regularly, it may stack up. For an occasional smoker, THC can stay in the body for around 10 days and for a regular user, it can be present for up to 30 days. In the end, it also comes down to the quantity a company is ready to tolerate. Some would tolerate a minimal level of THC, while others would fail you for even a speck of THC in the bloodstream. 

By sticking with premium lab-tested hemp flower, your chances of failing a drug test due to THC is greatly reduced. When you order from Heavenly Hemp Flower, you can trust that you are getting the exact product that you ordered.

**Disclaimer** Please keep in mind, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of Heavenly Hemp Flower’s products are meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Please speak with your physician before trying any new products.

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