Oregon CBD Seeds: Seed Vendor Review

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Starting your CBD hemp farm is a huge decision, and you’ll be investing blood, sweat, tears, and money. Part of your farm’s success is from the starter crops or seeds that you’ll be cultivating. Can Oregon CBD Seeds help you acquire healthy industrial hemp plants?

What is Oregon CBD Seeds?

Not all seeds are created equal. Even if seeds come from the same buds, not all of them will have the same viability. Oregon CBD Seeds utilizes their in-house R&D program to the fullest to make sure that you get only the most unique and viable non-GMO seeds. All are 100% type III and IV hemp qualified varieties and produce 100% female plants which they validate through genetic testing as well as large-scale field trials.

Oregon CBD Seeds has ground-breaking breeding techniques, which are often the first in the industry. You’ll get seeds that are closest to the true F1, with each varieties resulting from repeated inbreeding. The seeds undergo extensive field trials to make sure you only get the best seeds of pure varieties.

The seeds are carefully created inside sealed indoor production facilities. This eliminates pollen contamination and seeds with 95%+ germination rates. Their seeds are highly popular, that their supply inventory is now sold out for 2020.

What CBD seeds can I buy?

These are the strains that you can get from Oregon CBD Seeds.

  • Elektra
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Lifter
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Special Sauce
  • Suver Haze

If you don’t know which strain to get, each product list has a description of the properties of the varieties. You can choose which one to get based on your growing environment, your goals for growing, and the flavors that you’re after.

How can I order the seeds?

Ordering as of now isn’t feasible because all the seeds are still under development. You can register for the 2021 batch by creating an account. It’s necessary that you provide proof of valid hemp license, which means they don’t cater to home growers. You should also agree to Oregon CBD Seeds’ material transfer agreement terms and conditions.

You’ll receive your login information within 48 hours, then you can log in for your account. You’ll then receive updates about their newest release and be among the first to order.

What’s the cost of the seeds?

Oregon CBD seeds offer them at $1 for each CBD and CBG seeds. No price reduction even for bulk orders.

What’s the mode of payment?oregon cbd seeds field plant

They accept bank transfers, cashier’s checks, and business/personal checks. After you’ve completed the order form, you’ll get a follow-up invoice that includes payment instructions. No cash transactions and no refunds.

Is there a shipping option for the seeds?

Yes, through UPS next day air, and it’s free. You should agree to the Material Transfer Agreement to get your order ready. It states rules regarding the transfer of seed, your responsibilities as a recipient, and your limitations while you have seeds in your possession.

Is Oregon CBD Seeds legit?

Farmers down in Southern Oregon use Oregon CBD Seeds, and they love the results. The careful attention to genetics and breeding shines through on the good yields and high CBD, high terp plants. They value returning customers, and these often get the first heads up when they release new strains.

They don’t sell to home growers, though. If you plan to buy from Oregon CBD Seeds, you should have a license for growing CBD hemp flower on a farm. No license means no sales, and this limited distribution helps them maintain the quality of the seeds’ genetics.

Growing hemp flower is a long process, and there are state rules that you need to follow. Obtaining a license and registering the land where you’ll plant the strains is just the first step. You need to source the best seeds or clones that have reliable and genes for yields and flavor. Also, harvest can take up several weeks or a few months.

Buying hemp flower online is far more convenient. You just need to wait for a few days or a couple of weeks, depending on where you’re located. You’ll get the flowers cured, prepared, and ready for consuming. Click here now and get our premium hemp flower before stocks run out!

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