Monrow Hemp Company Review

Monrow Hemp Company is an organic industrial hemp farm started by two business partners, Dustin Harding and Michael Compton. Their farm is located in Merlin Oregon due to the ideal climate for growing hemp, but also due to it being where Dustin is from! They are currently partnered with two other companies, Oregon CBD and Mammoth Microbes. Monrow Hemp Company primarily specializes in smokable hemp flower, but they also carry a range of Tinctures, Soaps, and Salves. Dustin and Michael have made it known that they are friendly and approachable with a passion for the hemp business. They want others to know that they are available for consultation and happy to talk to other growers about their own operation, organic farming practices, and need for clones. Unfortunately, MHC does not appear to offer any Hemp Pre-Rolls or Hemp Cigarettes, or Bulk Cannabinoids

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What Others are Saying About Their Products

Monrow Hemp Company is fairly well-reviewed. Customers comment on the quality of flower and helpful customer service. Overall, MHC received high ratings, with a few isolated reviews complaining about the flower being too dry or shipping taking too long. Some conditions such as shipping can be out of the control of hemp vendors, especially with holidays and high shipping volumes for carriers. Paying a bit extra for MHC’s priority shipping option may be a solution for customers worried about their products taking too long to arrive. MHC also appears to respond to almost every review to either thank the customer or apologize for any reason impeding increased satisfaction.


Monrow Hemp Company Shipping

Monrow Hemp Company follows legal shipping practices and ships within the United States of America only. They offer two shipping options based on the customer’s preferences: standard shipping or priority shipping for an additional extra charge. Standard shipping options are shipped via USPS First Class. MHC estimates roughly 3 business days on average for order fulfillment. Packages are double bagged and packaged in unmarked manila envelopes to ensure customer privacy. 


Legality and Compliance

Monrow Hemp Farms registers all of their hemp with the Oregon Department of Agriculture making them federally compliant. They guarantee their products to be under 0.3% Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol as per the Farm Bill. MHC also readily acknowledges that none of their products have been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. They recommend customers check with the physician before trying any new product. Monrow Farms also makes it clear that though their products are federally compliant, they do not guarantee any persons will be able to pass a drug test after using their products. They remind users to enjoy their product’s responsibility and to use them at their own discretion. 


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