Love Hemp: A UK Vendor Review

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Hemp plants are known worldwide for their industrial use. The spotlight continues to shine on them as an alternative to marijuana because they have very minimal psychoactive compounds. Love Hemp a brand known for their excellent CBD products. We took a look at the company to see what they offer and if their CBD products are as reliable as they claim.

What is Love Hemp?

Tony Calamita and Tony Rowand founded Love hemp in 2015. Based in London, their goal is to give the best quality full-spectrum cannabinoid extracts to Britain, Europe, and the US. The extracts come from ethically sourced hemp plants that are bred to contain minimal THC, so there’s no fear of getting high when using them.

What are the CBD products in Love Hemp?

There are several products that you can grab on the website. One is the Love Hemp CBD oil that you can get in liquid drops, capsules, and sprays. The oil drops come in 300mg CBD (mild), 6,000mg CBD (strong), and 10,000mg CBD (extra strong) formulations, meeting the needs of any level. There are also some CBD jelly domes and dark chocolate balls for those who wish to enjoy their CBD with a sweet flavor.

You can also give your body some pampering with the CBD infused body salve and CBD cellulose face mask.

How much are the hemp products?

The cost of CBD oil £14.99-£299.99; however, some are currently on sale right now at $9.99 and $199.99 at the time we published this review. The edibles are tagged at £29.99-$4.99 and the cosmetics for £1.99-$19.99.

How will I pay for my orders?

Love Hemp accepts payments through VISA, MasterCard, AMEX.

What is the shipping policy?

Although Love Hemp is located in the UK, they accept international delivery. You can choose:

  • Airmail (3-10 working days): £11.99, tracked and signed delivery
  • Express Courier Delivery (1-5 working days): £29.99 via TNT Express

These delivery dates to the US and other countries are estimates. The speed of delivery can depend on the customs clearance or other external conditions.  Also, there are some areas that Love Hemp won’t be able to service due to several restrictions. These are:

  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

If you live in any of these states, look into the local hemp laws. Some of these states only allow the purchase of CBD from state-approved pharmacies or CBD prescriptions from a state doctor. South Dakota only allows CBD from a source that has FDA approval, while Tennesse allows CBD only from a US-operated company.

Can I send an order back?

It’s easy to do a return if you’re within the UK, but if you’re in the US, it’s going to be a hassle. You have 30 days upon receiving the item to process a return, and the good should be sealed and unused. There’s no statement about the fee for return shipping, but as with most companies, you may have to shoulder the cost.

Is there a Love Hemp discount coupon?

Register at the website, and you’ll get 30% off on your CBD purchase.

What are people saying about Love Hemp?

Trustpilot reviews for Love Hemp are mostly positive. The shopping experience they provide customers is excellent, and those who live in the UK get speedy delivery of their orders. The prices are also reasonable and match the expected results from the CBD product. Many are satisfied with the potency of the products. The edibles are tasty and provide reliable results, as well as the CBD oil.

Their location makes ordering from them an inconvenience, though. With high shipping fees, you might as well order locally, especially if you live in the states where they can’t serve. There are also no CBD flowers available, which is a disappointment for those who prefer the aroma and immediate effects of CBD buds.

You’ll feel the effects of hemp buds faster because you get the CBD delivered to your system without having to undergo any breakdown process. The experience is also more satisfying because it teases your nose and your taste buds.

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