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Looking for a hemp farm in the New York State? We took a look at Hudson Hemp, a company that provides hemp materials to Foria Wellness.

What is Hudson Hemp?

Hudson Hemp is one of the first farms in New York to get a license to grow industrial hemp. Aside from the combined 150 years of experience in the industry, they also partnered with several organizations that share the same mission of practicing regenerative farming.

The company believes that regenerative agriculture in growing hemp as a way to bring back value to the earth. Through this, you support the soil as well as the planet while promoting life. Through soil building, carbon sequestration, and a closed-loop system, the farmers go beyond sustainability in organic practices.

They have two farms to support their production. One is the Old Mud Creek Farm, located in Hudson Valley. It’s a 525-acre biodiverse farm where they source most of their extracts and plant matter. The other is the Stone House Farm for growing a variety of certified organic, non-GMO grains that you can use in a variety of ways.

What are the hemp products to get?

Hudson Hemp offers hemp extract oil with 1800mg total CBD, with each dose giving you 30mg of CBD. It’s a full-spectrum formulation that comes in advanced strength, making it suitable for those who need a potent punch.

One of the featured products on the website is the Treaty collection. These contain broad-spectrum CBD extract as well as other essential oils to promote relaxation, focus, balance, and recovery.

Another notable product is the Oxymel of Flora, which is a mix of raw honey and apple cider vinegar instilled with seasonal botanicals. It doesn’t have CBD from hemp like the other products, but it’s formulated to carry the same principles as their CBD extract oils.

Hudson Hemp stays committed to their practice of transparency. The product labels show the dose, strength, and the farm where they got the botanicals and other materials from for the oil and botanical formulation.

How much will I be spending?

The hemp oil extract and the body salve costs $40.00. If you want a refill, you’ll be spending $225.00-$235.00. The Treaty costs $59.00-$309.00, while the Oxymel of Flora has a price of $27.00.

What’s the mode of payment?

You can pay for your orders through VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.

How will I get my order?

You have two options for your orders: one is through standard shipping that they offer free for orders above $50. You can also get expedited shipping for an additional fee depending on your location.

If you order hemp oil at the farm, you can drop by to pick up your order at their address on Monday & Thursday around 1-5pm. Pick-up orders are usually avail

able in 24 hours.

Do they accept returns?

There are no policies on the website regarding returns, exchanges, or refunds. In case you have a problem with your order, you can reach out to them and maybe make an arrangement.

Should I order from Hudson Hemp?

Every product that the company makes undergo 3rd-party lab testing in multiple stages to ensure it meets federal and state guidelines. With partnerships with several companies, it’s safe to say that Hudson Hemp can meet and deliver their promise of safety, sustainability, and potency.

The absence of a return policy on the site does make you second-guess if you are to order from them or not. Some companies are clear about their return policies, whether they accept it or not. This helps set expectations, and you’ll have better confidence in purchasing from a company.

Another is the lack of reviews on the site. Aside from their Treaty brand that’s featured in several popular publications, there’s no feedback on how their CBD oil works and how they conduct their business practices.

Should you plan to patronize the brand, deeper research about the products won’t hurt. The more you get to know the company, the safer you will feel about your purchase.

They don’t offer any legal hemp buds on the site, though. If you’re looking for smokable buds, we’ve got you covered. Click here now, and we’ll send you your smokeable flowers at the safety and comforts of your home.

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