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Quality cannabis seeds are hard to get by, and there are only a few reliable seed banks in the US. There’s a company outside US territories that offers seeds at affordable prices, which we took a good look at. Our High Grade Seeds Review will tell you more about the company, the seeds they offer, and how they support their customers.

What is Highgrade Seeds?

The company is located in Ontario, Canada, and has been providing cannabis seeds since 2003. They’re on a mission to provide growers and farmers a faster, easier, and affordable method of getting seeds online.

As an online cannabis seed bank, their goal is to give you the best seed strains and a seamless buying experience. They employ a stringent selection process to guarantee that you only get what you pay for. The name of the game is quality over quantity, and your seeds are thoroughly screened so that you only get fresh seeds for your growing needs..

You need to keep a sharp eye out and study the listing on the website. Each page has repeating categories, so you have to study the list well to see exactly the strain you’re looking for.

High Grade Seeds Review on strains available

Highgrade seeds offer a wide variety of strains, which are:

  • Bruce Banner
  • Alien OGhigh grade seeds strain
  • Super Glue
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Godfather OG
  • Strawberry Banana
  • White Tahoe Cookies
  • Cherry Pie
  • Irish Cream
  • Hawaiian Sherbet
  • Dosidos
  • Gelato
  • Black Betty
  • Banana Kush

If you’re unsure which one to get, they classified the seeds as feminized, Sativas, Indicas, Hybrid, Autoflowering, Standard, Purple/Blue, and High THC. They pack the seeds in sets of 5s or 10s per pack and don’t offer individual seeds as do Oregon CBD Seeds.

How much are the seeds?

The sets of 5s are sold for $30.00-$50.00, while the sets of 10s go for $40.00-$70.00. High Grade Seeds will give you 10 free Hawaiian Kona seeds on all orders under $100. The number of sets increases depending on how much you order.

You can get to pick your free seeds, but they must be equal or lesser than what you’ve paid for.

What is the mode of payment accepted?

Highgrade Seeds offer flexible ways to pay for your order.

  • Money Order – fulfilled in US dollars, and you’ll get the instructions in your email after placing your order.
  • Cash payments – available for the US and Canada. Follow the instructions they will give you in your email after you pay for your order. It’s a reliable method, and they’ve never experienced cash payment getting lost through snail mail.
  • Cryptocurrency – you can use bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & XRP. For instant payment, you must have an existing cryptocurrency wallet with the necessary funds. You need to pay within 6 hours of placing your order, or they will delete it.
  • Interac Instant Payments – for those who have a Canadian bank account. It’s instant, and your payment reflects within minutes. Highgrade Seeds will dispatch your order an hour after receiving your payment.

They don’t have PayPal payment options as PayPal doesn’t allow seed bank transactions.

How will I get my order from High Grade Seeds?

Each order comes with tracking options. Highgrade Seeds offers free shipping on all orders within the US at no minimum requirement. All orders are come in discreet, crush-proof packaging to protect and ensure the safety of your seeds. Orders have tracking options and a worldwide delivery guarantee.

You get free shipping for destinations outside North America and International order when your order goes over $100. A $15 shipping fee is charged for international orders that fall under $100.

What about the return policy?

Unlike Southern Oregon Seeds, High Grade Seeds have a 60-day replacement guarantee starting from the date they ship out the seeds.

High Grade Seeds Review from customers

There aren’t many High Grade Seeds review to serve as basis on how good the seeds are. Basing on the scant review available, the views are split almost equally.

Some got excellent customer service with High Grade Seeds and were able to receive their order in a short amount of time. The support team responded to their queries fast, and andy issues were pre-empted. Germination was also satisfactory, and there are a couple of loyal customers who claimed full satisfaction with them.

Othere’s weren’t as lucky. Their orders dint arrive even though the company confirmed their payment. Reaching out to customer service was futile.

Since reviews aren’t that solid to confirm how reliable High Grade Seeds can be, make sure you know all the risks before you order from them. Ordering local may bet the best course so that you’ll be able to have instant support in case you encounter issues.

Growing cannabis from seeds is a tough challenge to take on, and requires a lot of patience before you’re able to harvest. Ordering hemp flower online will be your best course of action when you needed your buds yesterday.

Enjoy the full flavors of Jet Fuel, Magic Jordan, and Space Candy with no more than 0.3% THC. Click here now, and we’ll send your order straight at the comforts of your home!

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