Top 5 High CBD Indica Strains

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Why do people prefer Indica strains compared to Sativa is due to different reasons. For one, they have a relaxing calming effect that can help you wind down at the end of the day. It’s ideal for nighttime use as it can induce sleepiness. For growers, they can also produce higher yields compared to Sativa. Here are our top 5 high CBD Indica strains that you should check out when you’re looking for something that ca

Grand Daddy Purple

This strain is also known as GDP for some and created by breeder Ken Estes in Northern California in 2003. It’s a well-known Indica cross that came from Purple Urkle and Big Bud. With its excellent genetics, the strain bagged first place in the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015 for the Best US Indica.

The bud has a beautiful purple color with a blending of bright orange hair. The white trichomes create a delicious frosting on the buds, making it one of the most photogenic strains. The aroma hits you with a complex mix of grape and berry with a heavy pungent after taste that can be harsh and overwhelming for some.

This can be a creeper strain, taking its sweet time to give a full-bodied effect. It hits you with a cerebral rush that leaves behind a sense of euphoria that washes you with a psychedelic effect. Slowly, you’ll feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

Forbidden Fruit

Bubba Kush

This heavy Indica hybrid is widely known for its potent sleep effect. According to the original breeder, the Bubba Kush parents are an OG Kush and one unknown Northern Lights phenotype.

The small to medium-sized buds are dense, which is typical to Indica strains. You get a generous frosting of white trichomes that go deep even within the buds.

You get this peppery citrus flavor that has a hint of herbal undertones. A coffee chocolate flavor tickles your tastebuds upon exhale. The smoke can be harsh and cough-inducing, making it not suitable for your first smoke.

Forbidden Fruit

This is what you get when you combine the two potent cultivars, which are Cherry Pie and Tangie. It’s another purple strain with a medley of red, orange, and green spread throughout the forest green buds.

The strain has a fruity, diesel smell that lets you know that all hell is going to break loose when you smoke it. The flavors are musky with undertones of sour tropical fruit from its Tangie heritage. The taste does its name justice, and it’s going to be one of the tastiest buds you’ve ever had.

Smoking produces a sedative effect that provides the ultimate relaxation experience. A rush of soothing calmness will rush through your veins, with a slight numbing sensation starting from your limbs before finally reaching your head. You have a deep physical relaxation that washes away all the stress and tension, leaving you peaceful and sleepy. There’s an elevated mood and a sense of euphoria that will leave you feeling content and carefree.

Sweet and Sour Widow

This is one of the high CBD Indica strains that you can depend on any occasion. Sweet and Sour Widow started when Jamie and Mr Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds created the CBD Crew. Intending to create stable CBD seeds, they produced the Sweet and Sour Widow along with other original creations.

Looking at the buds, you’ll know that its one of the resinous breeds around. Aptly named, you’ll see white hairs that shoot out the buds with a good snowy sprinkle of trichomes.

Stephen Hawking Strain

For first-time smokers, this is a great strain to start. For more experienced smokers, this is a strain that an give you both mental and physical relaxation. Some say it’s got some aphrodisiac properties and is best shared with a loved one.

Stephen Hawking Kush

You know it, this strain is named after the famed scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking. It’s the second release from the Great Mind series by the Alphakronic Genes. They created the Stephen Hawking Kush by using a Sin City Kush male to pollinate a Harle-Tsu female.

The bud features bright-green buds shaped like spades. When you take a whiff, you’re greeted with the scent of grapes and berries, with subtle earthy undertones. Light it, you’ll get this intense fruity aroma with minty freshness. It’s super smooth, with a sweet and tangy taste that you’ll love to smoke again and again.

High CBD Indica strains are always good to have around. Whether you want to have a relaxing afternoon or have a good sleep, these strains will give you a mix of the flavorful smoking experience.

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