HEMPGanix CBD: More Yet With A Bit Less


HEMPGanix CBD is a CBD store dedicated to selling only premium medical-grade hemp products. Located in Humble, Texas, the store has both online and physical stores for your hemp needs.

What are the available hemp CBD products

There are two major product categories in the HEMPGanix CBD website, which are skincare products and edibles.

HEMPGanix has a sugar scrub that contains infused CBD. As a moisture mask with a soothing lavender scent, you can use it on your feet, hand, and body. You can also get a body lotion, blemish cream, as well as a muscle and joint cream.

There aren’t any hemp flowers available in the store, but you can get HEMPGanix CBD gummies. Among other hemp flower vendors like Tweedle Farms and Real Hemp LLC, HEMPGanix has the most extensive line of gummies. Their gummies come in different shapes such as bananas, cola bottles, sharks, worms, power belts, and cherries.

All products undergo third-party lab testing. HEMPGanix proudly shows their COA along with with their products. For high CBD flower products to be considered legal, it must contain 0.3% THC, a compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive properties. This is something that you should always look into as someone who buys hemp online.

Since many are asking more information about HEMPGanix CBD products, they decided to feature their COA along with their FAQ page. It’s an excellent tactic, but some who have poor navigation skills might miss it.

These are the brand’s products available on the site. However, if you go to their store, you’ll see other CBD products like Alkaline CBD Drinking Water, tinctures, hemp tree, CBD face masks, vaping solutions, and more.

How much does HEMPGanix CBD cost?

HEMPGanix CBD skincare products cost $50.00 for the sugar scrub and $32.00-$39.99 for the lotion. All gummies are sold for $60 for a bottle containing 48 gummies.

What’s the mode of payment?

HEMPGanix CBD will let you know of your payment options through email after checking out.

Do I have shipping options?

What’s good when you buy hemp flower online is that you can get it delivered right at your doorstep. HEMPGanix uses major shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You’ll get the best delivery option available in your area. You can also have your order shipped on the same day, provided that you place it before 12 pm CST.

Depending on your location, your order will arrive within 5-7 business days. You can choose a quicker shipping option if you want to get it faster.

How about processing returns?

HEMPGanix CBD accepts returns if you got the wrong item or it’s defective. You should contact them with 14 days upon the date of purchase to process the return. All items should be in unused, sealed condition. Once they get your return, they’ll inspect the product and determine whether or not it can be refunded or replaced.

Are there available discounts?

There are no discounts available on the site, but you can subscribe to the newsletter and get updates on special offers.

What are people saying about HEMPGanix?

When you look for different ways to enjoy hemp, HEMPGanix CBD has a variety of products that can suit your needs. However, most of the products can are in the physical store rather than online. People nowadays opt to go to online stores for convenience, which makes it HEMPGanix CBD a bit different from the rest. They only offer their own brand of products online and are content with featuring other brands in their physical store.

There aren’t any reviews yet on the website, and you have less than a handful of feedback from customers on other pages. Basing on the very few reviews, HEMPGanix CBD does have a dedicated staff who are knowledgeable about their products. You can approach them when you need to know more about the products that you’re going to get.

Wide as their selections are, HEMPGanix CBD doesn’t seem to be offering hemp flower. They concentrate mostly on hemp-derived products. If you prefer to consume hemp for smoking, Heavenly Hemp Flower offers premium CBD hemp flower that has high CBD content. You can get indoor hemp flower such as Cherry Blossom, Bubba Kush, Fruity Pebbles, and Sour J.

Click here now and order premium CBD products that come only from local farmers in the US. All products are lab tested, and we offer same-day shipping. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!

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