Hemp Worldwide LLC Vendor Review


Buying hemp flower online is now easier since the passing of the 2018 Farm bill. With many options available, you have to look closely at the vendor to see if they will match your needs. Can Hemp Worldwide LLC deliver what you need?

What Hemp Worldwide LLC?

The store specialized in boutique, high CBD hemp flower that is fresh from the farm. Their goal is to give customers a variety of strains carefully selected hemp strains chosen for their premium qualities. They cultivate hemp that has rare, exotic genes and care for them using safe, organic practices. All of the buds come from their farm in beautiful Southern Oregon.

What are the Hemp Worldwide LLC buds available?

These are the hemp buds available in their store:

  • Kush Hemp E1
  • Lifter *
  • NY CBD Diesel
  • Sour Space Candy*
  • Hempress 1*
  • Hempress 2 *
  • Hawaiian Haze*
  • Suver Haze*
  • White CBG*
  • Early Nueve
  • Florence
  • Box Wine*

The buds are available in 3.7g, 7g, 14g, and 28g packages prepared in heat-sealed ziplock foil bags.

Some strains are available in smalls, while several select strains are conveniently offered in pre-rolls. There are also concentrates available if you’re looking for something stronger. You can get HW Space Dust, and White CBG kief, as well as HW CBD isolate powder. If you prefer CBD in liquid form, they also have full spectrum CBD hemp tincture in a 30mL dropper bottle.

How much do the buds cost?

You can get the buds for $20.00-$85.00 and the smalls for $30.00-$50.00. The pre-rolls cost $5.00-$45 while the concentrates go for $25.00-$65.00. The full-spectrum CBD hemp tincture costs $50.00.

How will I pay for my order?

You can pay for your orders using JCB, American Express, VISA, and MasterCard.

What is the shipping policy?

Orders are shipped through USPS First Class Mail ($5.00) and USPS Priority ($10.00). If your order goes above $50 after discounts, you’re entitled to get free shipping.

I want to return my order, is this possible?

There’s no section in the website that talks about any returns. Considering the nature of hemp flower and its derivatives, returns are going to be strict. However, if you’re not satisfied with a strain, they’re lines are open, and they’ll offer you something different for your hemp needs.

What’s the Hemp Worldwide LLC review from customers?

Many are saying that the buds are dense, beautiful, and has a wonderful smell. The flowers are fat and sticky, producing smooth, flavorful smoke and vapes. Each bud is carefully hand-trimmed and packed, with little seeds and stems. The tastes of the buds are true to the strains, and smokers were able to feel the CBD.

There are some strains that didn’t deliver as much as it promised. One person didn’t get the effect that they wanted, and Hemp Worldwide reached out. They wanted to match the customer with a best suited strain. They have reliable customer service that you can depend on when you want something clarified with your order.

The strains may be a bit on the expensive side, although not as expensive as Pure Hemp Farms. If you’re looking for something more affordable yet offer the same top-shelf quality, we have it for you. Sourced from organic hemp farms in Colorado, our buds are safe and legal with less than 0.3% THC.

You can get 3.5g of Bubba Kush for $16.99 and Sour J for $18.99. You can also get an 8-Strain sampler pack containing 1/8ths of different hemp flower buds. Click here now have a look at our collection of carefully chosen hemp CBD flower for sale.

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