Hemp Plants For Sale: Best Places to Shop

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It’s satisfying and fulfilling to grow hemp plants from seeds because there’s less issue with pests and disease from the get-go. However, this method takes quite a while. When you start from cuttings or clones, you lessen the waiting time significantly. There’s also consistency in genetics, which means the traits of the mother plant is exactly what you’ll get with your clone. Here are some of the best places to get hemp plants for sale so that you can get started on your hemp farm right away.

Industrial Hemp farms

Industrial Hemp Farms offer three different types of hemp plants for sale: seedlings, clones, and mother plants. It’s safe to buy from them because they are fully compliant and licensed with the Colorado Department of agriculture.

Currently, IHF LLC produces more than a thousand hemp plant clones each day. They also practice strict quality control to preserve the genetics of the strains. Seeds undergo an extended germination process to ensure that the best quality of hemp plants will develop. They also limit the number of cuttings from a mother plant.

Should you prefer to get mother plants, IHF LLC offers them in bulk. Should you wish to have a look at the facility, you’re welcome to visit their growing facility.

Chimney Rock Farms

Chimney Rock Farms is another industrial hemp farm based in southwest Colorado. The farm is over 60 acres, and you can find them bordering the San Juan National Forest wilderness area, just at the banks of the Pedra River. With such a strategic location, the farm gets its water supply from melted snow that comes from the Rockies. This ensures that the water given to the hemp plants are free from pesticides or herbicide run-offs.

Focusing on research and development, their main focus is on high-performance genetics. What you get are cultivars that boast a superior CBD to THC ratio. They will give you 99% feminized hemp seedlings that have 4-6 inch tap roots. This makes the seedlings hardy and sturdy for large-scale transplanting.

Blacklands Botanicals

Blackland Botanicals understand that in order to get good medicine, you should have a good foundation on genetics and soil properties. Once you have the two, the TLC should be

Blacklands Botanicals gives tough love to their hemp plants for sale. First, they select high CBD strains with the best genetics to serve as a good starting point. Next, the hemp plants are subject to extreme stress, literally to death. For others, until the plants exhibit any form or all of their hermaphroditic tendencies.

The mothers are well cared for in a highly controlled environment with proper supplemental spectrum lighting. These are kept to the best health possible to ensure that the clones that you get are high in CBD. During the first 10 days, the clones survive on whatever nutrition they have on them.  Blackland Botanicals encourage rooting by using organic compounds as well as proprietary techniques. The result is an outstanding root system that is comparable to plants that came from seeds.

The clones are also carefully watched for and treated against pests, mold, and fungi using organic treatments. Although some strains are more prone to pests than others, the treatment they use is effective.

Clone Connect

Clone Connect offers feminized hemp clones that come from top genetics companies around the US. They understand that getting quality genetics is the foundation for an outstanding harvest. It is their mission to connect like-minded individuals who aim to improve and solve the problems in the hemp industry.

They make it easy for growers to gain access to vetted and reliable hemp plants for sales. They already did the searching for you, so all you have to do is contact them to get the plants that you need. All you have to do is contact them once you’re ready with your goals for your industrial hemp production.

They will pair you with a hemp consultant to help pinpoint what exactly it is that you need. Once you’ve finalized your plan and you’re ready to purchase, they’ll then direct you straight to a nursery or genetics company.

Having your own hemp farm is a fulfilling journey that you need to prepare and plan down to the very last detail. It takes time and patience to get your hemp farm going and dedication to see it right down to harvesting.

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