Hemp Fields Farm Review

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Organic CBD oil is often sought after because of the experience they provide to consumers. Our Hemp Fields Farm Review looks into this Colorado company to see the products they have and the results people get when they use them.

What is Hemp Fields Farm?

Hemp Fields Farm is a family-owned company dedicated to providing organic CBD products. The company utilizes organic cultivation of industrial hemp and devotes time to research development. Their Colorado farm focuses on the cultivation of specific strains with the desirable phenotypes that achieve the best quality genetics.

These hemp plants are grown through organic cultivation practices. The end result is organic CBD oil products that are 50% more affordable compared to other vendors and merchants.

What does Hemp Fields Farm offer?

Hemp Fields Farm provides a select line of CBD extracts, topicals, and dog treats.

The extracts come in tinctures, and you can them in 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg strengths. These are full-spectrum CBD-rich tinctures which means you get high concentrations of CBD. It also has terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and trace amounts of THC.

For those who don’t like getting the taste of hemp oil on their tongue, the best option will be their full-spectrum CBD capsules. Your furry babies aren’t left behind as there is full-spectrum CBD rich dog treats available.

For topical relief, Hemp Fields Farm also provide CBD roll-ons that contain arnica oil, extra virgin olive oil,

Let’s get back to the full-spectrum CBD formulation for Hemp Fields Farm. Hemp is a cannabis plant which means it will have THC. Unlike its cousin though, hemp is bred to carry no more than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Fields Farm full-spectrum CBD that follows the federal regulations according to Farm Bill 2018. When you look at the COA of the CBD products that they offer, you’ll see that they are high in CBD but low in THC.

How much are the CBD hemp products?

The CBD tinctures cost $14.99-$104.99, while the CBD capsules are available for $19.99-$109.99. The roll-on will cost you $9.99-$34.99 while the hemp extract dog treats go for $24.99-$79.99.

How will I pay for my product?

Hemp Fields Farm accepts credit and debit cards for payment.

How will I get my order?

Hemp Fields Farm ships out your order the next business day after payment. They use US Postal Service to move your product from their warehouse to your doorstep. You’ll also get a tracking number to help you trace where your order is.

Does Hemp Fields Farm allow refunds?

As of now, Hemp Fields Farm has no refund options. You’ll only get a refund when there’s a problem fulfilling or order, or the product gets damaged.

Is there a Hemp Fields Farm promo code?

There are no offers for promo codes on the website, but they do offer discounts to Veterans. Hemp Fields Farm will give a lifelong 20% discount to veterans which they can get by emailing them the necessary DD214, State issued ID with veteran endorsement, or VA card. The discount can’t be used with other offers though, on the website.

What are people saying about the company?

The site doesn’t have review options and only a select number of customers left their feedback about Hemp Fields Farm. The family owned company is doing good with their products. The results were positive, whether they have CBD tinctures or dog treats. These reviews are outdated, though, with only a single recommendation given on February 2020.

The COAs that they have on the site are also out of date, with the tests done in 2018. They may be doing the tests regularly per batch of CBD rich hemp products and maybe neglecting to update the COA. Still, it would instill a lot of confidence in consumers if they can find a recent COA.

Getting high-quality CBD rich hemp extract these days is a challenge because there are now many companies that offer CBD products. It’s on the hands of the consumer to figure out a way to determine if the products they will be using include industrial hemp extracts that will give them the results that they’re looking for.

What we did notice, though, is that they don’t have CBD flower. If you’re looking for premium hemp buds, please don’t hesitate to check out our store. Our buds are organically grown in the sunny plains of Colorado and come in affordable packages. Whether you’re looking for samplers or bulk orders, we’ve got you covered. Click here now and have a look at our list of hemp flowers.

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