Harlequin CBD Flower Strain Review

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Some strains are good in the morning, while others are best during the afternoon. The Harlequin CBD flower is one of the strains many go to at the end of the day, and here are the reasons why.

Harlequien Linieage and Genetics

The world had a taste of the Harlequin through the exhaustive efforts of Mr. Green of the House of David Collective in the early 1970s. The strain is the amazing result of a colorful  patchwork ko genetics from three Sativa plants and one Indica. Through careful breeding selection practices, the Harlequin buds carry a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. On average, the strain has 8%-16% CBD and 4%-7% CBD. For super relaxation, generally, people are after High CBD Indica Strains.. For super relaxation, generally, people are after High CBD Indica Strains..

One is the Colombian Gold that originated in the Santa Marta mountain0s in Columbia. Although rare, it’s one of the iconic strains in the 1960s and the origin of many strains. It’s the source of Harlequin’s mood-boosting Sativa effects.

Next in line is the Thai Sativa, which is fondly called as Thai Sticks because of the traditional way of drying the buds. Asian in origin, the strain is 100% Sativa brought to the US in the 70s and 80s.  Being an Asian landrace, the strain is a challenge to grow in Western climates.

Another strain that contributed to the Sativa traits is the Swiss Sativa, another 100% pure Sativa native to Switzerland. This strain is known for its powerful, fast, and uplifting euphoric effect that hits you mentally and physically. The Nepali Indica is the source of the Harlequin’s dense buds as well as its rich, sticky trichomes.

What does the flower look like?

Although there’s only a trace of Indica in the Harlequin (75%/25%), the buds show an unusual round and dense feature. You get appealing forest green color with specks or contrasting rust-orange pistils. The amber trichomes provide that identifying frosty appearance.

What’s the Harlequin CBD flower terpene profile?

It fills the room with a pleasant sweet-smelling aroma, with earthy notes and a bit of creamy vanilla. One distinct trait of the Harlequin Is its Mango-Esque scent, followed by melon and cantaloupe.

The hits coat your mouth with that strong hash taste dominated by berry and bubblegum sweetness. This medley of flavor is then followed by this cloying hint of mangoes at the end with hints of pine and woody flavor.

Is it easy to grow?

It’s an easy strain to grow and has high resistant to diseases. You get tall plants and large yields, and it has an average flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Outdoor growers in the Northern Hemisphere can expect a harvest in mid-October. Those in the Southern Hemisphere can expect a good harvest at mid-April. Outdoor yields produce 21 ounces or greater per plant, while indoor yields produce 25 ounces per square meter. It’s best to avoid extending the flowering time as the CBD in the Harlequin degrades earlier than THC.

What did smokers experience with the Harlequin?

It’s like smoking a sunny day that radiates a glowing feeling from within that spreads through your body. As a Sativa-dominant, you get this uplifting mood without getting that sleepy body high. The high CBD mutes the psychoactive effect of THC to a degree, lessening the latter’s potency.

Possible side effects

You don’t get too many sides as compared to other strains. There are rare reports, though, of mild dizziness and anxiety. Some also get paranoid thoughts, but the biggest concern with the Harlequin is having cottonmouth. Have a bottle of water handy and take sips in between hits to moisten your mouth.

Who is this strain for?

The strain is ideal for those who wish to calm themselves and relax without getting too sleepy. The Harlequin CBD flower can increase your creativity, enabling you to get things done for the day. It can make you feel sociable and talkative, giving you the confidence to talk to your peers or face a crowd.

You can also use this to help you ease the tension with a notable pleasant numbness. It’s a good strain to try for beginners as it’s not that very potent. You still have a level of awareness that will allow you to accomplish what you need throughout the day.

Whether you’re new to smoking cannabis or an experienced veteran, the medley of flavors and aroma from the Harlequin will surely entertain you. If you prefer something with lower THC, have a look at our selection. We carry industrial hemp flowers that have different levels of CBD, all having less than 0.3% THC. Click here now and order your batch of hemp flower for your next session.

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