Green River Botanicals Vendor Review

Green River Botanicals Review

Green River Botanicals Review was completed due to a request from a customer. They are a sustainable hemp flower farm in North Carolina that was started by Brad and Sarah Martin in 2006. They pride themselves in following organic and sustainable farming practices and recently obtained USDA organic certification for all of their hemp products. They take into account special techniques to increase the amount of carbon in the soil thus preventing any undue harm to the local ecological environment. Brad and Sarah are so committed to positive environmental practices, that they have pledged to donate a tree for every single order made. Green River Botanicals specializes in its wide range of full-spectrum hemp oils with delicious flavors: natural, chai, and lemon-ginger. They even offer a version specifically ordered for pets. Furthermore, GRB also concocts full-spectrum hemp salves that you can directly apply to affected areas.

Top and Popular Products

Green River Botanicals sells a selection of organic hemp flowers, pre-rolls, oils, and salves, but gift and bundle packages are their forte. They offer unique sampler packs ranging in which you can have full-spectrum oils by themselves, paired with their salve, or even as a grande bundle including some of their prerolls. A great option for gifts or even for customers looking to try all of the flavors before committing to the more expensive, full-sized version.

Pricing, Discounts, and Coupons

Green River Botanicals sells their full-spectrum hemp oils in three sizes: 4ml which retails for $20.00 USD, 10ml for $50.00 USD, and 30ml for $110 USD. If you’re a big fan of their oil, you can opt to sign up for 12-month subscription, which ends up costing $99.99 USD/month when you sign up for one year. Green River Botanicals doesn’t currently offer a points system but they do have a 20% off coupon for first time purchasers.

What People Are Saying

Others who have tried GRB’s tinctures rate them very high in quality, taste, and effectiveness. Users report they often take it at night to assist with their sleep or even in the morning if experiencing some muscle soreness. Because Green River Botanicals offers a subscription service, you can bet that their products have dedicated daily users who are obviously big fans of the companies producing and manufacturing processes. Users alike appear to boast the numerous positive benefits of Cannabinol and even testify that they can’t imagine life without it!

Legal Compliance

Green River Botanicals is upfront and transparent that they do not claim their products are intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat and illnesses. They report that all of their products contain under 0.3% Delta-9 THC meaning that they are 100% legal. Thanks to the recent passing of the Farm Bill, Industrial Hemp is now considered no different than any other agricultural commodity. Hemp Flower is legal in the state of North Carolina where Green River Botanicals operates out of.

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