Gold Harvest CBD: An Honest Review

When you want dependable CBD products, you always look for quality and purity. Does Gold Harvest offer the kind of quality you deserve? We took a look into the company to see if they have what it takes to be your go-to vendor for your CBD needs.

What is Gold Harvest CBD?

Gold Harvest CBD is a US company that provides 100% organic CBD products processed from hemp. All the products are THC free and have no chemicals added. All of their items are made in the US and sold through different head shops and CBD retailers.

The company doesn’t have its own website, yet they do have their Facebook Page, which they created on May 8, 2019. The website that they put in is an e-commerce store that caters to wholesalers. You can only see all the products on the website when you create a distributor account.

What are the Gold Harvest CBD products available?

Golden Harvest CBD has different products for a variety of uses. In the store you’ll find:

  • CBD pods for vaping
  • Chocolate nugs
  • CBD oil lotion
  • CBD Massage Oil
  • Body wash
  • Dog treats
  • Honey sticks
  • Pain relief cream
  • Gummies
  • Hemp oil tincture

How will I get their products?

If you plan to be a seller, you can get create an account at their wholesale page. If you’re a consumer who prefers to buy Gold Harvest CBD for personal use, you need to look for authorized distributors. We were able to see one online, but they don’t’ carry all of the products from the brand. It’s going to be a challenge finding a one-stop-shop that has all their products similar to The Green Dragon Dispensary and Black Tie CBD.

How much do their products cost?

Through the limited offerings of Gold Harvest CBD in a store, we were able to have a look at how much you’ll be spending. CBD pods and cartridges cost $7.88-$13.25, while the CBD MCT tincture costs $22.05. The gummies cost $13.50, and the dog treats sell for $12.52. The Body Massage Oil sells for $23.99, while the Ultra Strength CBD Pain Relief Cream costs $20.25.

What are people saying about Gold Harvest CBD?

There are no feedbacks from customers from the distributor that will tell us how the products work. Their Facebook page contains only two reviews from satisfied customers, with the recent one dating May 1, 2020.

It will have been a promising shop if they have a dependable website to go to. The products are also hard to find. If ever you found a good Gold Harvest CBD product that really suited you perfectly, it’s going to be frustrating if you can’t find something to replenish your stock when it runs out.

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