Eagle Moon Hemp: A Hemp Vendor Review

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Most hemp vendors have their own farms and facilities to give them better control over the quality of their hemp products. Here’s our review of Eagle Moon Hemp to help you know if this farm can be your support in your search for a reliable hemp company.

What is Eagle Moon Hemp?

The company started as Eagle Moon Farm and recognized as the #1 green chile grower the world. Spurred on by their success, the founders expanded their farm to Eagle Moon Hemp.

From soil to oil, the farm became successful in cultivating one of the largest hemp farms and CBD extraction laboratories in the US. Using the water filtration system made in Israel and following drip irrigation policies in Luna County, Eagle Moon Hemp produces perfect hemp to create exceptional products.

What can I get from Eagle Moon Hemp?

When it comes to hemp products, you have several choices. However, the selection for each category is limited. For smokable flower, they have:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Easy Rider
  • Lifter
  • Money Maker
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Special Sauce

As for CBD distillates, you can choose from THC-free, full-spectrum, and T-free CBD crude oil.

For the gummies, they have 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg strengths. These you can get in 4ct personal travel packs, or 30ct bottles.

There are also tinctures available for macrodosing, microdosing, and medium dosing. They come in different flavors, and some have added elements such as B12 and Melatonin. The tinctures have MCT and CBD oil to make the tincture powerful and effective.

Sometimes you need to have pure CBD, and Eagle Moon Hemp has pure CBD isolate powder at 99% purity. Containing no THC, this is the ideal product for those who wish to avoid the compound. CBG isolate is also available, which is a minor cannabinoid present in cannabis plants.

For topical lovers, there’s cream that has 500mg of CBD, and a salve containing 250mg of CBD. The bath bombs each carry 100mg of CBD for a soothing, relaxing soak. Afterwards, you can pamper your skin with the Eagle Moon Hemp hand and body lotion.

For pet lovers, there’s the CBD pet tincture that contains Eagle Moon Hemp’s CBD extract and coconut-derived MCT oil. Each bottle contains 250mg of CBD and has a natural chicken flavoring. Treats for dogs, cats, and even horses are also available for a more dedicated dosing suitable for the animal size and demand.

How much are the products?

The distillates start from $8.99-$59.99 but can go as much as $2,699.99-$3,899.99 for bulk orders. The Eagle Moon Hemp gummies go for $7.99-$104.99, and the tinctures cost $34.99-$129.99.

For the CBD isolate, you’ll be spending $5.99-$2,900.00, and $24.99-$6,499.99 for the pure CBG Isolate. Topicals have a price range of $14.99-$34.99, and the pet products go for $24.99-$69.99.

What are the modes of payment accepted?

Eagle Moon Hemp accepts payment through VISA and Mastercard.

How will I get my order?

You can get same-day shipping of your product via USPS and UPS. Expedited shipping is also available.

Does Eagle Moon Hemp accept returns?

Should you wish to return any Eagle Moon Hemp products, you can get in touch with customer service within 30 days from your purchase date. Once you get a go signal to return the order, you’ll be given a number and other instructions for sending the products back. Do note that you’ll be responsible for shouldering return shipping.

Refunds can take 14 days to process from the day Eagle Moon Hemp receives your item.

Should I buy from them?

Eagle Moon Hemp focuses on providing only pure and potent CBD products. They strive to help you make the right choice for your purchase.

There aren’t that many reviews that can help you decide whether to purchase from them or not. However, basing on the select reviews, it shows that Eagel Moon Hemp chooses their products well. The hemp flowers are of high quality, smooth, and has a great taste.

The gummies are well-known for preparing you for a good night’s sleep without leaving you groggy the next morning. The salves do their work on easing muscle, and joint aches, with the perfect consistency that makes them easy to apply.

Hemp flower options are definitely lacking. There are other strains that can provide different effects for various purposes to meet your CBD needs. Click here now and see what choices we have for smokable hemp flowers!

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