Dried Hemp Leaves: Useful Ways to Try


dried hemp leaves text with background imageHemp farmers love this plant because of its versatility. Aside from the buds, you can use the leaves and stems for a variety of purposes. As a cannabis consumer, it’s worth knowing that you can also use dried hemp leaves to get your dose of CBD. The leaves, of course, contain less CBD compared to buds and are best treated as a support for your CBD needs.

Types of leaves

There are two types of leaves that you’ll see on a hemp plant. The sugar leaves are the small finger-like extensions you’ll see extending from the bud. Mostly located at the head, they have this frosted appearance because of the presence of trichomes. Farmers often leave the leaves with the buds so as not to lose the potency.

Fan leaves are the best ones to use in dried form.

Fan leaves are larger, increasing in size the farther they are from the head. They don’t carry the same amount of trichomes as the sugar leaves, but they are the most abundant in the plant.  Although these fan leaves contain less CBD compared to sugar leaves and buds, you can use them in a variety of ways.

Dried hemp leaves for tea

Drinking tea has a soothing, relaxing effect, especially if you’re using hemp leaves. There are two ways to enjoy dried hemp leaves for tea. When you want to wipe away the stress of the day, you can make tea with hot water for an herbal treat.

Since resin in hemp leaves are fat-soluble, adding milk or heating the leaves first with coconut oil will give you a more potent cup.


By far, the best way to use dried hemp leaves to extract all that resin and sleeping compounds. Infusions can be done in olive oil, coconut oil, and also butter. When you make your infusions, you can add them to recipes for homemade edibles. You can also create your own CBD capsules, which is perfect for those who prefer a tasteless experience. With infusions, it’s easier to make your personalized topicals such as creams, lotions, balms, and salves.

Dry the leaves flat, and you can use for rolls.

Add or use to wrap rolls

You can use dried hemp leaves for smoking as it does contain some of that resin goodness that will support the entourage effect. Dry the leaves flat and carefully roll them with your bud for a paperless, eco-friendly smoke. Some grind them along with their chosen flower as well to extend their stash.

It does give that strong smoking flavor that takes some getting used to. The experience is stronger, and harsh with the effects sometimes overwhelming. Others find that they experience headaches when they smoke dried hemp leaves. If this is your first time, roll a small joint and do a smoke test. Take it slow and observe how your body reacts to see if you’ll enjoy the experience.

Toppings for pizza

That mouthwatering aroma that you smell from pizza comes from herbs. Amazingly enough, you can treat hemp leaves as such and use it to top your favorite pizza. You can do this in homemade pizza or that one that just arrived at your doorstep.

If you’ve got some left-over, you can also add them to salads, pasta, and other dishes for an added herby flavor.

What you should know when using dried hemp leaves

When you decide to use dried hemp leaves, make sure that you’re getting clean, pure, and safe ones. They should contain no fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemicals that can harm your body. Enjoy the experience and take your time, especially when smoking them. Some enjoy it, others would rather stick to the traditional way of consuming hemp.

Pick only the mature ones and harvest only when it’s time to get the buds. Trichomes often develop during the flowering stage, and that’s the time when the leaves get those CBD compounds.

Of course, nothing beats the experience of using CBD hemp flower. You’ll get your CBD dose using less volume, and you get a pleasurable experience full of flavor because of terpenes. Heavenly Hemp Flower buds are grown under controlled conditions, utilizing the best organic practice for bountiful yield that’s safe for consumers. Click here now to buy hemp flower online, and we’ll conveniently deliver these gorgeous buds to your home!

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