Cornbread Hemp: A Review on a Kentucky Vendor

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Kentucky is one of the States in the US to welcome CBD oil. Using Kentucky grown hemp, Cornbread Hemp created its CBD brand, entering the market with a story to share.

What is Cornbread Hemp?

Co-Founders Eric Zipperlel and Jim Higdon created the Cornbread Hemp through their belief that cannabis is the most popular natural remedy. Their goal is to make it accessible for everyone by utilizing Kentucky’s deep-rooted hemp traditions.

The name’s history came from Cornbread Hemp Co-Founder Jim Higdon, a journalist who worked briefly for the New York Times. He wrote his first book “The Cornbread Mafia,” which was published in 2012. With its headquarters in Louisville, KY, Cornbread Hemp products can now be found in nearly 100 health food stores and pharmacies in the midwest and southeast.

Cornbread Hemp uses only USDA organic hemp plants to obtain full-spectrum, CBD rich hemp extract. By using USDA certified organic MCT oil, they’re able to provide customers great tasting hemp products of the highest quality.

Can you tell me more about the products?

First on their list is their whole flower USDA organic CBD. The full-spectrum CBD oil has a CBD to THC ratio of 22:1 and carries the widest range of cannabinoids and terpenes. When other brands use the whole plant for hemp extract, Cornbred Hemp’s CBD oil only comes from hemp flowers. Dosages come in 750mg, and 1,500mg, which is their downside as NuLeaf Naturals and Medterra have a good range of low-to-high CBD formulations.

Cornbread Hemp also has CBD capsules that contain USDA Organic full-spectrum oil. It’s a convenient way of taking CBD oil without worrying about the mess and the grassy hemp taste. Not that you need to worry about that with Cornbread Hemp’s CBD oil.

There are also full-spectrum CBD topicals that you can use for a localized effect. The balm stick makes it convenient for you to apply the balm on a focused area mess-free. With the added peppermint and arnica, it gives a soothing, cooling sensation to ease away your discomfort. The lotion has a thick and creamy consistency yet has a light formulation for quick absorption. If you’re dealing with dry skin, there’s another type of Cornbread Hemp CBD lotion intended to deliver moisture to relieve the dryness.

Hemp companies recognize how much we love our pets, and Cornbread Hemp is no exception. They have full spectrum USDA organic CBD oil that has 17mg of CBD per serving.

How much will I be spending?

Their organic CBD oil costs $59.99-$109.99, and the topicals are around $29.99-$54.99. The full-spectrum hemp CBD capsules go for $69.99-$134.99, while the CBD oil for pets will cost you $49.99.

How can I pay?

Cornbread Hemp accepts product payments through VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

What’s the shipping policy?

Cornbread Hemp offers free shipping for orders above $100 in the United States. For orders below $100, there’s a shipping fee of $5.00 for First Class Mail and $10.00 for Priority Mail per order.

They dispatch CBD products Monday through Friday at 11am. Orders fulfilled before the time will have same-day shipping. Otherwise, You’ll get your product shipped the next day.

Cornbread Hemp doesn’t ship organic CBD oil products internationally due to the presence of THC.

Can I send my orders back?

Cornhead Hemp has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee similar to Populum CBD. The only difference is that the guarantee exists even for repeat customers.

Is there a Cornbread Hemp discount?

You can get a 15% off on your first purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter.

You can also avail greater savings when you opt for a subscription-basis delivery.

What are the Cornbread Hemp reviews from customers?

One of the common issues that most people have with organic CBD oils is the grassy, earthy taste. However, Cornbread hemp’s flower-only CBD oils have this delicious taste that makes you eager to get the next one.

Since the full spectrum hemp product you’re using is USDA Certified Organic and undergo third-party lab testing, you’re assured with the brand’s potency and consistency.

The downside is that you don’t have many choices when it comes to the potency of their CBD products. When other brands have several options for how strong you want your CBD dose will be, Cornbread Hemp’s dosing can be restrictive. You may want to have more if you need a stronger dose to get the effects you need.

Since they specialize in CBD oil products, you won’t see any hemp flowers in the store. If you prefer legal smokeable flower, we have a variety of strains that can help you relax and de-stress. Click here now, and we’ll send it to your address!

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