CBD Smokables: Your Ultimate Guide

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There are so many ways to consume industrial hemp buds, but CBD smokables still remain to be the most popular. Why do some people still prefer them over CBD oils and edibles? We’ll take a closer look at what they are and what they can give for your CBD needs.

What are CBD smokables?

These are CBD products that you consume through inhalation. These can be in the form of:

Smoking Hemp Flower

These are legal hemp buds that have less than 0.3% THC. They come in different strains, such as Cherry Blossom, Green Gas, and Sour Diesel. Grind the hemp flower, and you can smoke them using a bong, bubbler, spoon pipe, or other smoking devices.

Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower


These are hemp flowers conveniently rolled in cones or joints. The rolls come wrapped in unbleached rolling papers, allowing you to taste the pure essence of the hemp used. Most of the pre-rolls are hand-made and customized depending on your needs.

The amount of CBD inside a pre-roll varies on the size as well as the brand. Canna King Cones has 60mg of CBD, with each roll made with 1g of smokable hemp flower. TKO by Terp Nation has a Caviar Pre-Roll that has 400mg of pure CBD. It’s the strongest CBD pre-roll in the market because it’s made with industrial hemp flower coated with CBD concentrate plus pure CBD isolate.

CBD Cigarettes

A smaller version of pre-rolls. Some companies prepare and pack them to look like cigarettes for a discreet way of smoking. One pack, for example, our Lucky Leaf Hemp, has 10 hempettes and contains 100mg of CBD per hempette. Still the number of hempettes and amount of CBD per stick varies.

However, compared to ordinary cigarettes, these come nicotine free. They still carry that distinctive hemp smell, so be careful in smoking it outdoors.

Why choose smokables?

There are several reasons why smokables can be your best choice when you want your dose of CBD.

Faster effect

You can feel the effects of CBD smokables faster compared to other modes of consumption. As you inhale, smoke mixes with the air inside your lungs and travels through the air sacs straight to your bloodstream. No more waiting for your body to digest and absorb the compounds. Depending on how strong the strain you’re smoking, you can feel the effects almost immediately or within mere minutes.

You get the full experience

The entourage effect is the secret behind the popularity of CBD smokables. This is when all of the compounds like CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the hemp flower work synergistically on your endocannabinoid system. You get a multi-level experience that you won’t achieve with concentrates and edibles.

Best way to enjoy CBD smokables

Lucky Leaf Hemp

Taking things slow will help you appreciate every nuance of flavor that your CBD smokables can give. Give your body time to adjust to its effects, especially if you’re smoking for the first time. You can use a taster pipe to help you control your hits, then move on to a heavier arsenal.

Check your environment as well. You should consume smokable CBD flower in a well-ventilated area. You should have a good flow of fresh air around you so that you’ll still enjoy the experience.

If you prefer to smoke outdoors, check state laws. Some states have their own regulations when it comes to CBD Smokables.

What you should know about consuming CBD Smokables

High CBD flower has the smell and appearance similar to marijuana. Be extra cautious should you wish to smoke it outdoors. We even advise against it as it’s difficult for authorities to differentiate between the two in an instant. The buds need to undergo lab testing, which may take hours or even days, depending on the current backlog that the lab has.

Learn about the buds that you’re smoking. Some buds are ideal for daytime consumption, like the Jack Herer. However, some will leave you couch-locked or drowsy like the Grand Daddy Purple, which makes them ideal to use before sleeping. Check the CBD content as well. Low-CBD flower is good for those who want a light session or for beginners. High-CBD flower are best for those who wish to have a stronger experience.

Want to have your own CBD smokable that you can enjoy at home? Click here to see our amazing selection of hemp flower and choose among our numerous strains of industrial hemp buds. We’ll be happy to send your order right at your doorstep so that you stay safe and comfortable!

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