Can Hemp Flower be used to Cut Back on Marijuana Use?

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In recent years, marijuana use has skyrocketed in populations across several demographics. This is due to several factors, but increased legalization and decreased public stigma are sure to top the list. While marijuana has several undeniable medicinal and therapeutic effects, an uncomfortable topic for daily users is the reality of habituation. Some users have no concern with their THC consumption and are happy to continue on with their dosing regimes. But what if you are looking to cut back or quit your dependence on THC all together?

The reality of heavy cannabis use is a real one, and any chronic smokers who have previously attempted to cut back will tell you that withdrawal effects do in fact occur and can be quite unpleasant. Common withdrawal symptoms from THC include:

  • Sleep Difficulties/Insomnia
  • Mood Swings/Irritability
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Headaches
  • Loss of Focus
  • GI Issues

One other major undeniable withdrawal symptom is Cravings for marijuana, especially in those who are consistent and habitual users. It is no wonder why individuals become dependent on marijuana use especially with the calming, stress reducing, and anxiety relieving effects. Unfortunately, chronic and continued use can actually end up having negative effects in those areas.

**Hemp Flower Enters the Conversation**

High CBD Hemp Flower can be great as a substitution for heavy marijuana users who are looking to cut back or cease their use. Firstly, it serves to decrease the prevalence and overall amount of withdrawal symptoms experienced, easing any unpleasantness. Secondly, as daily consumption has become habitual for a lot of users, substituting high CBD hemp flower allows individuals to keep their routine hence increasing their chances of success.

High CBD Hemp Users might also find that they learn to prefer Hemp over Marijuana as it also aids in anxiety and stress reduction, which is likely why they became chronic users in the first place.

If you are trying to decrease your dependence on marijuana or quit altogether, consider trying High CBD Hemp Flower to help you in your transition or as a substitute! You may never look back!

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