Buying CBD Smokes Online

CBD hemp flower is enjoyable smoking in joints and pipes. However, hitting CBD cigarettes offer the convenience of smoking on demand instantly, especially when you’re in a public place. Another is that CBD cigarettes look just like your ordinary everyday smokes. When you’re buying smokes online, here are some things you need to check to ensure that you get the best experience.

Confirm CBD content

When you look at CBD cigarettes, you’ll often see the CBD mg content per stick. Some have 50mg per stick, while others have 85mg or more. The amount of CBD in the cigarettes will help you give an idea of how to dose your daily CBD intake. If you’re new to smoking CBD, start with a hemp cigarette that has a low CBD mg per stick. When you need a stronger effect, look for a brand that has a higher content to get the effects that you want.

Check the strain

Some brands describe what strain they use to fill their cigarettes. This is important as some strains can give you that mental boost, while others provide that deep muscle-melting relaxation that will lull you to sleep. You don’t want to smoke a daytime strain like the Sour Diesel at the end of the day or smoke the Sour Space Candy when you’re about to operate heavy machinery.

Check reviews

Just like with smoking hemp flower, different people have varying experiences with smoking CBD cigarettes. When buying smokes online, check the reviews both about the company/vendor and the product itself.

Some brands have different flavors like Wild Hemp Cigarettes and Plain Jane CBD cigarettes. Some prefer one flavor over the other as the tastes and smell speak out more to them. In the case of Plain Jane, they fill their hempettes with different strains for a more targeted CBD experience.

Get what you need

If you’re trying out a brand for the first time, don’t buy more than one pack just to enjoy discounts on bulk order or shipping. Try out the CBD cigarettes first to see if it will suit your taste. If you find the brand that fits you, that’s the time when you buy in bulk to enjoy discounts on multiple orders as well as lighter shipping fees.

Look for 3rd party lab test

Reliable brands show the result of their third party lab tests. For CBD cigarettes to be legal, they should contain less than  0.3% THC. You also need to confirm if they will send you a copy of the test for you to show to authorities in case you get inspected.

When you buy CBD smokes online, take the time to get to know the brand better. Confirm the CBD content, what strain is in the cigarette, and read reviews. Some were able to find success in quitting smoking through smoking hempettes and got a really pleasant smoking experience. You’ll get the same thing as long as you take the time to know the brand.

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