Blue Forest Farms: A Colorado CBD Vendor Review

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Hemp has come a long way since they passed the Farm Bill 2018. Blue Forest Farms is one of the companies that aim to impact the world by bringing hemp to the people.

What is Blue Forest Farms?

Blue forest farms is a minority-owned company in Colorado that offers different CBD products and services. They’re on a mission to change the world through hemp and bring the best to the people for a better quality of life.

To help you get a better experience with BFF, they made a list of their products according to numbers 01 to 09. Those who are trying out CBD for the first time should use number 01, gradually increasing as you learn more about CBD and hemp products. 09 is a CBDG Advanced Formula that focuses on CBG. It’s best for those who wish to get the CBD experience without drowsiness.

What are the available products?

There are only a few high CBD hemp flower strains available for purchase at the Blue Forest Farms website, which are

  • Hot Blonde
  • Queen Dream
  • Cherry Blonde
  • Cherry Blossom (coming soon)
  • Cloud Berry (coming soon)
  • Cinderella Story (coming soon)

These flowers have 10%-15% CBD and an exclusive Blue Forest Farms hemp flower strain. They are organically grown in Colorado and contain less than 0.3% THC, making them federally legal in all 50 states. YOu can view the lab report as well to help you confirm the cannabinoids found in the flowers.

If you want to experience how to farm your own organic hemp flower, BFF also has feminized CBD hemp flower seeds available. According to the website, their seeds stable and yield consistently high cannabinoid ratios. These varietals are hand-picked for quality and are popular in the industry as an alternative for smoking tobacco and marijuana. Clones and hemp seedlings are also available.

If you love organic CBD oil, Blue Forest Farms has organic CBD hemp oil using isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum hemp extract. Formulations range from 600mg up to 2400mg to help you soothe out your stress, calm you down, and support sleep. Other formulations include CBDV, CBDA Raw, and CBG.

CBD Topicals are also available in lotion, balm, scrub, and facial serum. The organic CBD lotion has 1000mg of CBD, a soothing, potent lotion that helps smoothen skin and ease soreness. The scent is amazing, and many say it’s one of the best CBD products that they’ve tried.

Unlike what Premium Jane has, Blue Forest Farms only have one kind of CBD gummies. A jar has 150mg of CBD, with each gummy holding 5mg of CBD. It’s vegan,

How much am I looking at?

The seeds will cost you $2.49 per seed when you order 50-99 pieces. The price can go down to $0.65 per seed when you order 10,000+ seeds.

The CBD flowers will cost you $64.99-$349.99, and the gummies are priced at $39.99. Organic CBD oil $59.99-$299.99, which is relatively cheaper compared to 4 Corners Cannabis.

The topicals have a price range of $29.99-$59.99, a bit more affordable than Green Gorilla CBD.

What’s the mode of payment?

You can pay for your Blue Forest Farms order using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What is the shipping policy?

BFF uses UPS/USPS Priority Mail for delivering your order. Depending on your location, shipment typically arrives in 3-5 business days. They ship to all 50 states, but international delivery is limited to select countries.

Do they process returns?

Blue Forest Farms encourages you to send them an email if you’re not satisfied with their product. The item should be unused and unopened when you return it, and you’ll be shouldering return shipping costs.

Is there a Blue Forest Farms discount coupon?

There’s no discount coupon available on the website, but you can save up to 25% when you sign up for a monthly subscription.

Should I buy from Blue Forest Farms?

The germination rate of Blue Forest hemp seeds is reliable, and many seed buyers are satisfied. The genetics are excellent, and it’s easy to work with their staff when you have questions.

The reviews on the website show that customers get a positive experience with their products. The potency is just right, and the formulations help them get the relaxation they need without the high associated with medical cannabis.

The hemp flower selection is minimal, though. There are other excellent CBD hemp flower strains for smoking or making your own oil. Click here now and see our hand-picked flowers available in retail and wholesale purchases.

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