Top 3 Best CBD Flower Vaporizer To Have

Legal hemp flower can be smoked, or you can vaporize it for a smoother CBD experience. In fact, there are some strains like the Sour Space Candy that are more flavorful when using a vaporizer. Vaping helps lessen the smell since there’s no combustion, and you have lesser exposure to carbon monoxide. Here’s a list of the best CBD flower vaporizer that you can use either at home or on the go.

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel first introduced the Volcano vaporizer in 2000, and since then became the leading contender amongst vaporizers. It’s the best hemp CBD flower vaporizer because it gives one of the most flavorful vapors you’ll get. Its stable delivery lies in the forced-air convection heating technology that can completely vaporize a full load of herbs in just minutes.

The vapor collects in a bag-and-valve delivery system that you can take with you anywhere you are in the house. If you need your hemp flower fix, you can easily reach out for the bag and take a hit instantly.

It comes in two forms: the Classic and the Digital. The Classic has analog controls that feature temperature ranges to vaporize your hemp flower. The Digital offers more precise control with 1-degree increments on the temperature for an enhanced flavor experience.

It does come at a steep price, with the Classic is sold for $479.00, while the Digital costs $699.00. However, it’s an investment, especially for those who need their regular dose of legal hemp flower. One user stated that he’s had his Volcano since 2000, and it still provides dependable vaporization.

DaVinci IQ

This is one sleek, sophisticated hemp flower vaporizer made with excellent materials and top-notch electronics. The mechanism is easy to use, with a few clicks on the button to fire it up. The face has 51 indicator LEDs that will let you know about the current settings of the vaporizer. Controlling the unit is also simple with the smart app.

The ceramic heating chamber vaporizes your herbs through conduction, giving you intense flavor that is pure and solid. It also has a flavor tank that allows air to flow through while keeping

You have three heating mods for the best vaping experience. You have the IQ smart paths that you can set to four-session options that the vaporizer will cycle through as you go. The IQ Precision Mode allows you to control the vaporizer temp from 250°F-430°F. When you choose the IQ Boost Heating Mode, you shoot the vaporizer to 430°F quickly, and the unit will hold it until you let it go.

DynaVap VapCap

Not all vaporizers require electricity to operate. The DynaVap is a revolutionary vaporizer that would be the offspring of a cigarette and a pipe. It gives you all the performance and power of a vaporizer without having to worry that you’ve run out of juice.

It a slender, discreet vaporizer that holds the smallest amount of herbs for the biggest hits possible. All you have to do is scoop up the herbs, cover, and us a butane lighter to heat the chamber. Rotating the vaporizer will provide an even heat distribution for the best experience. It will give you two clicks to let you know it’s good to hit, and another two when it’s cooled down and needs firing. Another cool feature is that you can connect it to a water pipe to make the hits smoother, cleaner, and cooler.

It gives great vapor even if you’re just using a small amount of CBD flower. The DynaVap is ideal for those who are micro-dosing or saving up on herbs until the next haul arrives in the mail.

The best CBD Flower vaporizer is one that will be most suited to your style and vaping demands. A tabletop vaporizer works best for indoor smoking without having to fire up a bowl. Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, gives you the freedom of mobility to be anywhere you want. They also provide discreet smoking sessions when you want to enjoy your herbs in peace.

Of course, you need the best hemp CBD flower to go along with your vaporizer. Some of our strains include:

  • Sour J
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Cherry AK-47
  • Grape Ape
  • Green Crack
  • ZSkittle

We also offer a free consultation if you have any questions about our hemp for sale online. You can also try out our 8-sampler pack that has 8 different strains in 1/8 packages. Click here now, and you’ll get your premium CBD flower right at your doorstep!

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