Best CBD Flower Companies for Hemp Buds

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The best hemp flower can only come from the best CBD flower companies. Here’s a list of companies that you can depend on to give you the best CBD buds in the market.

Heavenly Hemp Flower LogoHeavenly Hemp Flower

Heavenly Hemp Flower was started by two brothers who have a passion for Premium Hemp Flower, Cannabinoid products – such as CBD Gummies, CBD isolates, CBD distillate, and other hemp-related products. All of Heavenly’s products are made in the USA and are federally compliant with under 0.3% THC. Expect high-quality products with independent lab testing every time. Their customer service is great and easy to deal with and reply via email within the hour. For the absolute best products at the lowest prices, trust Heavenly first. Some of their popular products include:

Not sure what strain to try? Be sure to check out Heavenly’s 8-Strain Sampler Pack.

CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct is created by compassionate advocates who desire to spread their knowledge about the wonders of CBD and CBG. The company started in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2013 and now a proud holder of licenses to grow as well as manufacture high CBD products in many states in the US. As the winner of the 2020 Hemp Cup, it’s no wonder why they’re one of the best CBD flower companies in the country.

Their bestsellers include:

  • Honolulu Haze #2
  • Sunset Road Sherbet
  • Juicy Fruit #2
  • Durban Potion
  • Paradise OG

These are all high-CBD products, and each one packed in sealed in pharmaceutical-grade odor-proof white mylar bags. You can also get a wide range of CBD products such as kief nugs, trims, edibles, joints, cigars, hash, concentrates, and more.

You see mostly good things about CBD Hemp Direct in Trustpilot. The shipping is fast, and customer service is also excellent.

Secret Nature CBD

One of the most in-demand brands for high-quality CBD flower, Secret Nature CBD produces artisan-quality hemp flowers. The company started in 2017 and led by legacy cannabis operators as well as holistic health practitioners. Their goal is to produce only the highest-quality CBD products, cultivating small batches to ensure consistency in flavor and potency.

You can get CBD flowers, pre-rolls, tinctures, extracts, CBD vapes, and accessories. Their most recent baby is their Special CBD Pre-Rolls made from their very own indoor-grown hemp buds of high quality. These rolls don’t have trims or shakes, making smoking smooth and full of flavor. What you get is pure hemp buds perfectly rolled in organic tea leaf wrap for a flavorful and potent smoking experience.

Secret Nature CBD has more than 2.5k verified user reviews on the website. Many of the reviews state that the CBD flowers are of high-quality. The aroma and taste are all distinct and are identifiable to the brand.

Little Flower Hemp Company

Colorado is home to many CBD hemp farms and companies because its land and climate are near-perfect for hemp. Little Flower Hemp Company harnessed the richness of the land and produces their own hemp crops. You won’t see hemp flowers here, but they have a great selection of CBD products for humans, pets, as well as clothing and textiles.

What they lack in smokables, they make up for the quality of their creams, tinctures, and sprays. Little Hemp Flower focuses more on beauty and skincare, and the reviews of the site attested to their efficiency.

Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms is the go-to of consumers looking for the best CBD flower in Oregon. Jason Evans and James Green started the farm in 2016. With their consistent efforts and passion for specializing in farm-to-table high-quality CBD hemp flowers, they soon soared to popularity in 2018.

What sets them as one of the best CBD flower companies is that their buds have CBDa instead of CBD. This means that the cannabinoids in the buds are still in their inactive form, giving you a wider room on what you can do with the flowers.

The reviews about Tweedle Farms are mostly positive, and they currently boast a high rating in TrustPilot. Not only do the flowers taste exquisite, but the packaging is discreet, and you get fast delivery. Unfortunately, though, the company’s still yet to acquire a handler’s license, so they’ll be exclusive to Oregon for now.

Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals was created by a group of health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts with more than 25 years of experience in the organic food industry. Looking into the consumer market, each one agreed that California is lacking in high-quality cannabis products. They made it their mission to share their knowledge of the healing power of safe and natural CBD from hemp plants.

With such a deep understanding of the benefits of organic food products, Cheef Botanicals came up with an impressive collection of organic CBD products. The hemp buds are carefully selected to provide the best quality and potency, making each ounce worth every penny spent.

Reading the reviews, you’ll see that they were able to achieve their mission. The buds are of good quality and consistency, giving customers an excellent and flavorful smoking experience.

Plain Jane

Located and licensed in Southern Oregon, Plain Jane started with the goal of providing the best CBD flower and products at competitive prices. Through their vision of excellence, they now have more than 75k customers throughout the US.

All CBD flower comes for American farms that undergo organic cultivation practices. You have 20 hemp strains to choose from, and you can get CBD flowers, CBG flowers, cigarettes, and joints. Plain Jain’s contribution to the industry is the first low-smell CBD cigarette that has zero nicotine yet loaded with natural hemp terpenes.

The company has an excellent rating in Trustpilot. The hemp flowers are fresh, full of flavor, and worth the price. Shipping is also fast, and customer service is very efficient. There are some issues of missed packages, but Plain Jain is vigilantly reaching out to those who’ve had problems with their orders.

These are some of the best CBD flower companies that you’ll find in the US. There are also other companies that we’ve reviewed, which we listed below. For your hemp flower needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have top-shelf lab-tested industrial hemp flowers such as:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Sour J
  • Special Sauce

Click here now and buy your hemp flower online today!

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