Best CBD cigarettes in 2020

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Smoking CBD cigarettes provide you the flavor of pre-rolls with the convenience, subtility, and discreetness of regular smokes. Here are the best CBD cigarettes that you can try out that are lab tested and has a good mix of cannabinoids and terpenes for the best smoking session.

Wild Hemp CBD Hempettes

Wild Hemp is one of the leading brands for CBD hemp cigarettes. The company calls them “hempettes” to set them apart from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

A box contains 20 hempette’s each. The sticks come in green and white packaging, with a distinct star-shaped hole at the filter for easier draws. Each hempette has approximately 75+mg of CBD, giving you about 1500mg of CBD per pack.

Wild Hemp CBD Hempeetes are made using industrial hemp flower organically grown in the US. They contain less than 0.3% THC and undergo third-party lab testing for purity. Smokers love the hempettes as they give a smooth, mellow experience. It’s a relaxing and convenient way to smoke hemp flower and can be a good starter for those who are smoking CBD for the first time.

Their affordable price and consistency made them popular among CBD smokers. You can also get the hempettes in different flavors to add some fun and enjoyment to your session.

Lucky Leaf Hemp CBD Cigarettes

They made it to the best CBD cigarettes list for those who are after potency, flavor, and experience.

A box has 10 hemp cigarettes, each containing 100mg of CBD. They are nicotine-free, perfect for those who need to get away from smoking tobacco. The draws are very smooth, and the price is well worth the CBD content in each cigarette.

Lucky Leaf created CBD cigarettes from their own hemp farm in Colorado. They also do their own processing, allowing them to closely monitor and preserve the quality of their hemp. The result is you get premium quality cigarettes that are affordable yet delivers.

Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks

One of the reasons why people are looking for the best CBD cigarettes is because they want to quit smoking. There are several ways that can help you get over the tobacco addition, but they mostly don’t address the heart of the craving: scent and flavor.

Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks came up with CBD prerolls that carry the terpene profile that’s distinctly hemp. This makes it ideal for those who wish to enjoy the best flavor possible. Prerolls are mostly lacking, which makes it hard for others to transition to hemp cigarettes.

However, Colorado Pure Hemp Sticks combines both. Each stick carries 36mg of CBD, so a box of 20s gives you 720mg of CBD. There’s no nicotine in the hemp cigarettes and also less than 0.3% THC.

Chief Stix Originals

Chief Stix Originals offers a stronger option for those who are looking for more in their CBD cigarettes.

A box has 600mg of CBD, and you get 10 CBD rich sticks in each pack. That’s about 60mg of CBD per stick, which is almost twice more compared to other brands in the market.

Chief Stix Originals are made with high-quality hemp grown in America that are organic and non-GMO.

The cigarettes also come with unbleached, biodegradable filters that allow you to enjoy flavorful smoke with less carbon footprint. They are slow-burning as well, allowing you to get maximum smoking experience at your leisure.

Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes

These CBD cigarettes come from organic hemp grown in Willamette Valley, Oregon. They are cultivated under the sun and slow-cured for the best flavor.

These pre-rolls contain 80mg-100mg of CBD per cigarette. These are made using three hemp strains, providing you with a broad terpene profile. When you light a piece of this CBD cigarette, you’ll get this mild, pleasant taste. The smoke is distinctly hemp but not too excessive or overpowering.

With such a potent formulation, the price is well worth it. Aside from helping people quit smoking, Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes can help relax and wind you down after a long day. The hits are smooth with an even burn.

Are CBD cigarettes good?

You can get a good experience with CBD pre-rolls as they are non-psychoactive and have no tobacco in it. To get the highest quality CBD, get one that has a third-party lab test for purity. To make the choice easier, these are the best CBD cigarettes in 2020 that you can check out. They’ve been selected according to price, lab test, and user reviews.

Which one of these have you tried out? Share your experience by leaving a comment below!

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