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Located in the heart of Minnesota at 25113 21st Ave, Saint Cloud, MN 56301, 419 Hemp is a well-established brick and mortar hemp store. 419 Hemp offers an extensive range of merchandise under a single roof known as Growth Garden. They offer CBD oils, Hemp cigarettes, clothing, and even building materials. There has been an innovation in personal care hemp products, as well. 419 Hemp also offers raw CBD flower that is weighed and packed with third party examination.

Top Products at 419 Hemp

There is a vast array of merchandise that 419 Hemp offers. They utilize their own farm and growing practices for manufacturing.

Some of their top-rated items are CBD oils and CBD isolates that come available in oils, creams, and waxes.

They have their own line of personal care products which are branded under June’s Garden. The goods utilize CBD hemp flowers that are known to have a high source of antioxidants. The products are also enriched with several other nutritional factors such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and proteins – essentials for effective personal care merchandise. Hemp flowers, in general, are a great selection to be incorporated in the personal goods range, especially to fight free-radicals. They obviously recognized this, hence why they made the smart decision to incorporate hemp into their products.

The store is also a source of hemp concrete, hemp plaster mix, and hemp gardening mulch, especially for DIY enthusiasts. Hemp building materials are some of the most versatile, strong, and useful materials available. We at Heavenly Hemp Flower love seeing these commodities for sale to encourage more sustainable and regenerative building practices. Overall, they offer a brilliant range of options that suits individual requirements. You can also order raw hemp flowers for consumption and smoking pleasure.

419 Hemp Vendor Review

What Others are Saying about 419 Hemp

The customers’ reviews regarding 419 Hemp have been positive. They have a decent amount of items on their website, making a viable source for hemp and CBD products alike. 419 Hemp has managed to accumulate a base of customers. From hemp oil for arthritis to hemp cigarettes that encourage one to quit smoking and live healthier, 419 Hemp has products for sale. The store is also conveniently located and easy to find for people. As mentioned, there is something available for most types of users.

Coupons and Promos

Their hemp store participates in a range of events to offer goods on discounted rates. They also offer hemp products for wholesale requirements. Hence, if you are buying in bulk, you can likely get your products at a discounted rate. You can also visit the store in Minnesota as they offer freebies to their first-time customers.

Legal Compliance

All of the hemp products at 419 hemp store undergo a third party examination. Therefore, they offer a certificate of analysis and third-party test results to avoid any legal action. They follow the laws of the state of Minnesota and offer delivery services. They also highlight this disclaimer on their official website and hemp store.

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