4 Corners Cannabis: A CBD Brand Review

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4 Corners Cannabis is a company located at the heart of Southwest Colorado. Being at the center of one of the best places for hemp flower, 4 corners has full control over the entire production process.

What is 4 Corners Cannabis?

Established in 2013, they are also one of the country’s first CBD company. As one of the pioneers, their focus is on producing the highest quality oil products to set the bar in the industry.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD grow their own plants and produce their own hemp extract. All of the

What are the available products?

4 Corners Cannabis has different kinds of tinctures to meet your tastes and style. There’s a vegetable glycerin tincture, cinnamon oral tincture, and one in avocado oil. These are complete spectrum CBD products, which is a step up from full-spectrum CBD. A couple of CBD oil has THC-free hemp extract for those who are sensitive to even the slightest hint of the compound. The CBD dosage range is also ideal, with options being 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg of CBD per bottle. However, Franny’s Farmacy has a stronger 4000mg CBD formulation.

Topicals are also available in salve, lotion, stick, and massage oil. Just like the 4 Corners CBD oil, the topicals come in complete spectrum CBD and THC-free formulations. When used along with the oral tincture, you get a deeper, sustained effect. The salve sticks have the lightest dose, at 40mg and 80mg of CBD. The salve has 250mg and 500mg of CBD, while the massage oil has the strongest at 500mg and 1000mg of CBD.

For fans of edibles, 4 Corners Cannabis offers high-quality Colorado CBD honey. It’s raw, non-GMO food-grade organic honey that’s third-party lab tested for CBD and THC content.

Of course, 4 Corners Cannabis didn’t leave out your four-legged loved ones. What’s good is that the CBD oil for pets has a CBD strength of 100mg up to 2000mg. You have the right product to use for whatever size your pet will be.

How much are they?

4 Corners Cannabis CBD oral tincture costs $34.99-$199.99, and the topicals cost $2.99-$39.99. For the CBD honey, you’ll be spending $49.99. As for the THC-free CBD products, they will cost you $49.99-$699.99

What’s the mode of payment?

You can use VIS and MasterCard to pay for your 4 Corners Cannabis products. They also accept e-Checks in case you want a different method of payment.

How will they ship my order?

You’ll get your CBD oil products via USPS priority shipping with a fee of $7.75. However, orders above $100 get free domestic shipping.

For international shipping orders, they have a dedicated website that you can go to.

Do they process returns?

Refunds and returns are available with their 30 guaranteed return policy. Contact them with any questions about your order before sending it back. Should they agree, they will issue a refund minus the shipping cost.

Is there a 4 Corners Cannabis discount coupon?

Subscribe to their email newsletter, and you’ll get a 10% discount on your first order.

There’s also a Customer Service Assistance program that offers 60% off to all veterans, low-income households, and individuals with long-term disability.

Should I buy from 4 Corners Cannabis?

4 Corners only use fair trade non-GMO ingredients and full-spectrum CBD extracts. The tinctures have a wonderful taste, which can be a perfect solution for individuals who can’t take the earthy grassy taste of hemp. The effects of the products are consistent, and the product reviews are mostly positive.

The tincture may be a bit strong for some, even if you follow the computation for the right strength. Most especially if you’re using hemp products for the first time. Although there was this isolated case, it will be best to go slow on what came out of your intake computation.

The price may be on the expensive side, but basing on the brand reviews, you’re getting an excellent product that’s worth your money. One thing we noticed, though. Although some offer veteran discounts, such as Kanibi, 4 Corners is the company that offers the highest discount. They are following through in their efforts to make excellent quality CBD available for everyone.

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